Woodstock Punkrock        
Band - Arthritic Foot Soldiers
CD – Immature Nobodies (USA Import No 03/50)
Recorded at Full Spectrum Studios – Fond Du Lac Wisconsin USA
Sent to me by Carl the Guitarist who seems to be involved in many top Quality Bands, this one included. So recorded in America for the American Market, is it going to be all soft and whiney? I fucking hope not.
Yet another band that have been around along time and have released a lot of top Notch Punk rocking material and are still not known by the amount of people they should be.
So out the Cd comes from the cardboard sleeve and into the Player it goes, volume set to Highish and Press Play..
Unite – Bursting forth with a good sounding, well produced music of chugging guitar, rattling bass and pounding drums a power packed punch indeed, and bursting forth a gravel infused vocal, not soppy not sweet, but hard and powerful just as I hoped, catchy pounding chorus complete with woah backing vocals and this short and sweet burst is soon over, leaving you salivating for more  9/10
Chicks, Beer, Fame and Money – following on this song is reinforcing the previous one with more pumping riffage, a sneering growling verse pushes into a softer feel chorus, repeating the title soon gets into your brain cavity the chorus does have a slight American rock under feel and I am not keen on the word chicks haha, but that’s just weird me!! Other than that another decent song 7/10
Attitude – and fucking loads of it!! I love this song from the slidey scratchy scratchy intro with that juicy rattley bass line this fucker means business, snotty sneering gruff vocals beautifully counteracted by the harmonized chorus answer is so catchy it defies description, and the building venom in the vocal sends shivers up ya sick clad throat, as the drums pound to the very last second a must have track for any punk collection 9/10
Invasion – The intro for me is very reminiscent of that American pop punk style with the slap slap drumming that feels as if its about to go out of time haha to me anyway, had me worried and I was thinking that I wasn’t gonna like this one but the boys pulled it round as they slam into the verse of a nice pop punk Uk style song, pleasant sounding and smooth, and although the vocal still has some bite its much softer on this track, it works well, not my favourite but not my least favourite either a good addition to the cd 7/10
Wrong Place Wrong time – An instrumental this one each section is not too long as to get really boring But doesn’t do a lot for me, cant say I am really feeling its groove haha 4/10
The Futility of War – Bass rocks us in to this one, the drums join the onslaught closely followed by rocking guitar, a mid paced rocking punk song here, good vocal as with the others, nice melody and backing vocal on the chorus, and a metal fret melting little solo riff is nice, not too long either, leading into a short bass and drums breakdown before going back into the main song, this is a grower first couple of listens it was an ok track but it had grown so give it a chance 7/10
La la Land – A different feel here has a very American rock feel, not in a bad way haha but with the guitar only backing to the singing and the harmonized chorus works well, its certainly different with Carl taking lead vocal on this and I think this works well on this track which is very Americanized and the normal northern vocal grunt would of not really worked well, bringing the bass and drums in just for the last choruses works very well giving a brief moment of full song before dropping back to finish back just vocals and guitar, a brave move this one and I am sure throws up lots of different opinions but me I like its difference and I think it works 7/10
God Fearing Country - back to the normally expected AFS sound here haha, this song is similar to the others pounding drums and rattling bass, grinding guitars and gravel growl vocal with some nice backing vocals but for me it’s a little too similar to some of the others and I am not keen on the vocal melody on the verses 6/10
Running – Bursting forth a choppy little number, catches my attention straight away, the sliding guitar riff in the verse nicely assists the vocal melody, with the Singalong chorus with its almost nah nah nah nah school playground feel is great, the breakdown leading to the guitar break makes me smile everytime I am glad the drum machime claps didn’t last long thought I was in an 80s electronic track haha, this is another good song with a different feel to the others and so it stands out 8/10
WDWTFWW – Last track on offer here and what a scorcher to end with, a slow intro setting the stall out vocally with the simple message “we do what the fuck we want, we aint nobody’s fools” then bang we drop straight into a nah nah nah Singalong which is nice and catchy and will have you singing along infact this whole song is a Singalong so join in after all we aint nobodys fools…. 9/10 Well I know I said that’s the end but not quite after a lengthy boring gap that is not something I am ever very fond of we get some Cuntry punk western meets northern style haha, its complete with steel geetar and straw from the dungaree clad, bear foot, 6 toed, crooked teethed mouth of cleetus’s brother yeeehar see what you make of that..
So that’s the end of this Cd and I gotta say some highs and some lows for me, as it said in the last track after a very long flight, using borrowed instruments and with jetlag from hell it’s a bloody good effort, its not there best I don’t think and there are a couple of tracks I probably wont listen to again But there are some AFS gems here and they need to be in your collection my copy is No.3/50 so I suggest you get yours quick as apart from these this will only be available in the USA.
Till next time
These are the Ranted thoughts
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      By Stu Taylor
1. AFS (Arthritic Foot Soldiers) - Protest Song  
If its attitude you want, this delivers big time, all the usual fuck authority, fuck the police you want on this slice of urban punk rock. Angry sneering vocals backed up by a solid guitar and rhythm section to create a thoroughly likeable song that also comes complete with sections that will induce crowd participation. If you like your new wave with attitude style punk rock, this should get hold of ya by the short 'n' curlies sure enough. Also fits in nicely with the official band attitude of..."The band is about having fun, not being PC, not comforming to what a bunch of late 30 early 40 somethings should be and generally sticking two fingers up at society in general." Sums it up nicely in their own words.
      Oi Oi Vincey Boy
Track 1 – AFS
, a great bunch of guys recently featured on our site with an interview from Harvey Taylor kick this release underway with Protest Song, a track that is right up my street, a solid sharp full on true punk blast, with a bubbling bass throughout – this sounds to me like the punk I grew up with and Jonnys gravely voice tops it off. Some songs are just done right and this singalong is one of these, absolutely love it a classy professional recording with a raw sound.

So here we have it, the first of 100 releases featuring the underdogs of punk rock called simply   ‘underdog morsels’.  The cd contains 4 tracks from 4 different bands for £1 - a bargain and a collectors item no less.

1.AFS – ‘Protest Song’ What a way to start, crash, bang, wallop and here we are in the midst of a punk anthem. AFS are a great band and this is a typical song of theirs.  Gritty, growling vocals with tuneful woah, woah backing vocals, it’s a simple straight edged angry punk song with added mood creating guitar solo work. Taken from their Trash Vegas CD if this doesn’t switch you on to AFS then nothing fucking will - I love it.

So there ya go a piece of history - the first of one hundred releases so by the end you will have 400 quality tracks from 400 quality underdog bands and if this first is anything to go by what a collection it is gonna be!  So get out there and get a copy, support this new venture. At £1 what possible reason have you got for not getting one, this shows the wealth of talent there is out there screaming to be heard and so it should be, let’s face it if you don’t get this you ain’t punk.  Well done to all involved, I for one am gonna support this to its conclusion.


AFS – Trash Vegas CD (Voltage)-Mass Movement Zine

I’m constantly amazed by the fickle nature of the music industry and how bands who are, lets face it, talent less bags of old toss, manage to sell shed loads of records and luxuriate in splendour and fame, surrounded by mountains of coke, hookers and cash, while other bands like AFS (that’s the Arthritic Foot Soldiers to you and me) go largely unnoticed. See, AFS are one of the best bands in the UK, playing their strange, but thoroughly addictive tunes that effortlessly blend street punk, Pop Will Eat Itself and the Urban Dance Squad, and if I was going to spend a tenner on a an album, I’d definitely invest it in ‘Trash Vegas’ rather than the tattooed, preening, useless fops that Kerrang and their ilk constantly try to force on the world. Spend our money wisely, get some great songs and help lonely Carl fulfil his hooker dreams… Tim


Having heard the AFS single released earlier this year which featured two tracks from their, then, forthcoming album I was looking forward to hearing if they had produced two gems for that red slab of vinyl with something kept in reserve for the rest of the long player or had they peaked with nothing to keep the momentum going.

The opening track, “No Wonder” is off the single and despite the inclusion of some ska-like guitar is a worthy starting point for this album. AFS provide a sound that is drenched with the history of Bad Religion in as much as there are bucket loads of tunes and melodies, with a lot of “Oohs”, “Ah’s” and “Woahs” for backing vocals. However, the difference is that lead singer Munki Boi has a gruff singing voice that means the band do not sound like one of the many BR soundalikes that have crawled out of the woodwork over the past 30 years. 

The second track then is “Lies”, not one to feature on the single and pleasingly it’s already better than what came before so AFS do have more than the single might have indicated. With “TV Minds” coming next this provides the highlight of that single and also of the album. This is the song that has had me humming more than any other on the album and it’s no surprise that it was featured on the single. The message behind it is obvious – we’re in danger of becoming obsessed with television as it fights to become the way we are all informed of what is right and/or wrong in the world. It still amazes me how many people live their lives through what happens on a small (well, not so small in the days of 48 inch screens) box and are so heavily influenced by what they hear and see. So, a hummable song and one with a message I can relate to – always a bonus.

From here on in the album is a tale of mid ranged peaks and some shallow troughs. None of the peaks reach the lofty heights delivered in the opening trio of tracks although that’s not for a lack of effort as “Protest Song” is a decent song but just not good enough to stop me hearing “TV Minds” playing repeatedly in my head. Similarly “Another Whiskey”, a song written about Wilf, the singer/bassist in The Bullet Kings and sung by Carl Arnfield, the guitar powerhouse in both AFS and The BK’s, breaks the album up a bit offering a significantly less gruff vocal. I always liked it when Stiff Little Fingers ‘allowed’ Henry Cluney to sing a song on an album as it gave them the feel that they were more than just a one trick pony so hats off to AFS for doing likewise. 

However, there are a couple of occasions where the quality of song is lacking a bit. The lowest point of the album is reached with “Radicals” – I don’t like this song and I think it’s a case of how so many punk bands are slowing things down with more of an acoustic approach. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t – this comes into the latter category for me.
“”Freedom Ain’t Free” has a nice metallic guitar riff that lifts me out of the depths plumbed by “Radicals” and despite it’s fairly basic construction and approach it works well and comes in as my fourth favourite track on the album. Oddly, the title track is sequenced to appear last – I’m not sure I’ve encountered this before – and is obviously giving Las Vegas a hard time for luring people into handing their money over as they gamble to improve themselves, whilst in reality the bank is always the winner overall. Good sentiments again but not the strongest of songs.

Apparently this album was written and recorded in nine weeks. To me that seems quite a short time span and perhaps that has stopped the album from being as consistent as its predecessor “Immature Nobodies”. However, it would be wrong to write this off as a release to avoid as there are a handful of really good, gritty and tuneful punk tracks to get your ears around.



I have followed AFS since their early days (I think I saw them play their 2nd gig) and in truth have fuckin' loved the journey thus far. They were SAS stalwarts and entertained along the way and although things of late have slowed down on the gigging front (due to the bands many personal commitments) I still always keep abreast of what they are up to (usually via the ginger megaphone man and top dude that is Carl 'Get It Done' Arnfield). This is the 8th silver circle I have had the pleasure of reviewing from this fine band as well as numerous 'live' appraisals. Fungal expects here and the bigger the fan the bigger the fall when a favoured crew produce a turkey. With pressure and apprehension set at maximum I spin the disc once more and review as follows.

'No Wonder' is a neat opener and a track I have reviewed before. Sub-skankoid, pure AFS in inflection and with extra production beef this is a strong yet questioning opening statement. The progression the band make is maintained and here we have the result. Spacious verse, full on saturation of chorus, 100% reliability of musicianship and a nice, brief instrumental this is a song built on an intrinsically basic framework but adorned with various sonic baubles so as to stand out. 'Lies' is fuelled harder and the main component I am aware of is hatred. There is genuine venom into the tone and from the initial slapped drums through to the intent of the riffage and the 'I give up on you' whoa hoa's this is intense stuff. Munki Boi delivers hard and states rather than sings which adds to the general impact. A fuckin' marvellous song that one can really get into and all you frauds out there had better worry because if AFS find out you'll have a song coming your way (as good old Umberto Gonzalez found out ha, ha). As though the song isn't emotive enough the inner break where instruments are bared is almost pitying and sorrowful which only emboldens the opposing rage - sweet touch be it lucky or meant!

'TV Minds' deals with the bonehead box many worship and run around for. It is a wicked contraption and those that claim that it has 'no effect' are the most truest of victims. Electrified, numbed and almost in essence of a robot at times this song marches forth and gives you a tale of idle sofa shits drenched in waves of media puke. The chorus is somewhat sarcastic and is almost celebratory with a slightly concealed hidden gesturing. The sonic landscape is easy to lie in and the whole song soaks through the permeable layers and into the inner core thus creating appreciation. Matured and punk - a good combo I reckon! '50 Shots' eases its way in with casual drums (what's new there then from this accomplished stick bastard), rumbling bassism and slightly encrusted guitar. A very typical Arthritic number that gains a foothold and finally breathes joyous life during a wrap-around chorus of the sweetest order. The song plods on regardless and is easily digested - the weakest so far but not half bad.

'Another Whiskey' follows and has a grand opening riff. But what's this - a different singer strutting his stuff? Hark, is that a baldy I hear a-crooning! Man yes - its none other than Carl Arnfield and what a fuckin' good effort it his. A nostalgic, look-back, drive-along ponder is nailed as good old Ming the Merciless (remember that one) finds his vocal balance and produces a stunner. Tinged with a drunkards regret and hopelessness this one hits the right areas (as I heard the said piss-pot did) and is an accomplished piece shining bright from a galaxy of attractive stars. AFS never fail to raise a few brows - they are still doing it folks! 'We Don't Care' is a typical title for a typical punk song but alas this is nothing run of the mill. What AFS do is blend melodic colours and make up their own minds as to how the end result will be. Rather than a dirty doodle AFS create a polished picture and instead of the expected Kandinsky-esque harshness come out with a meticulous kind of gentleness somewhat similar to Monet piece. The inner artistry shows care and be it a sweeping brushstroke or delicate intricacy the band display forethought and this is reflected in a very tidy song. 'Protest Song' screws it up the ones who claim to care and understand but really don't have a clue. The chorus is superb punk in the fact that it opposes, creates imbalance and questions - that's how it should be and if discomfort is felt then so much the better. The song has clarity, has structure, has melody but most importantly has...anger! One of my chosen chunks to add to the overflowing AFS bucket I so often dip into to.

'Radicals' is a beautiful campside croon absorbed with acoustica and scored with emotive despair. Think REM meets Mr Angry over a Greenham Common cup of herbal tea. It is a sweet soulful song and a new approach for the AFS crew to take and I am all for the 'chance yer arm' approach as ye should know! Mellow and with an inner strength - very applaudable. 'Freedom Ain't Free' is very regulated rhythmic fare from this band and although with a more progressive sound and of finer production value I find myself not really getting in to this one. Not enough stuffing has been rammed up the jacksie of this little bird and so I feel somewhat unsatisfied by what I am served. The level I suppose has moved along on this CD to such a stage where anything just falling short stands out like a gobbling goose in a Prime Poultry Awards Ceremony. This isn't so disastrous but just lacks that extra sonic sage and acoustic onion. Sorry dudes!

'Trash Vegas' is a tidy closure and just gets the task in hand done with very little fuss. It has light texture, holds no serious threat but is a song to pick up, simply not get too carried away by and then switch off and think 'well that ain't too bad'. Nowt to gush over, nowt to gripe about - just a steady Eddie of a ditty. The hidden track is a superior effort and has just that gilt-edged touch that gives it extra class. Tones of retrospective fondness, overlays of feeling and careful attention create a decent listen and so the farewell is stronger than at first suspected.

So another good un' from the Arthritic Foot Soldiers and it is worthwhile that this review is done by someone who has followed the band since the beginning. I am still taken and I reckon if you are a newcomer to the band you may be attracted a little more - don't know for sure but a dip in the AFS pool never did anyone any harm - well not that many!


Arthritic Foot Soldiers – Trash Vegas (Voltage)

Ten blistering tracks of punk rock that came blasting out of the stereo and grab your attention right away. Stooped in a deep, growl of a vocal that is street punk over the top of music that would be skate punk rock, making this a really interesting mix. It works! The songs seem to follow a socially aware format showing that AFS have something to say, I like that! It’d be great to see AFS live as I really like this band’s sound and reckon they’d be a pretty impressive force on the stage. My favourite tracks on here would be “Protest Song”, “Lies” and “Another Whiskey” – which seems to feature a different vocalist, or at least it sounds like it does. There’s even time for AFS to crack out an acoustic number “Radicals” to put the mod into a mellow state before “Freedom Ain’t Free” hits you with its fast paced rock n roll riff and speeds things right back up. This is really well recorded and definitely worth your time listening too. 

Mr. T



Nice gruffy punk rock with some unexpected ska upstrokes before kicking back into some decent punk rock. AFS are a fun band to liosten to and this new single is on limited edition red vinyl

The B Side "TV Minds" is a more mature slower affair.


Ten pretty flash fists 'n' violence punk rock numbers with harmonious vocals, a swish drummer and featuring man mountain Carl, guitarist from The Bullet Kings & Great St Louis, covering the same lyrical territory with plenty of "dont fuck with me buddy" action and by comparison leaving them lost in the supermarket. This is good stuff, oddly recorded far from home in Wisconsin, in the US of A.


Northern gruff vocal punk with a festival ska guitar on the verse of "No Wonder" and a "Leatherface" anthemic chorus. The flip is a slow burner that reminds me of "Terminus" mixed with "The Jam" believe it or not. ... (and share Carl of The Great St Louis & The Bullet Kings)


No Wonder starts out as I really want a song to do and when the skatunes shows up themselves so become I really happy because I thought this would be pure punkrock. Cool and an odd punksong- TV Minds is more straight punksong which have som poptunes in it too butwith a singer which sounds really tough...it´s really worth chekcing out and the song have a refrain which is really good. 14/10-2010


A really lovery deep red 7" record by AFS came winging my way. The A Side "No Wonder" really did impress me, it had an almost "polka-ska" feel, but with old school punk vocals over the top.

The singers voice did get a bit of getting used to (imagine the cookie monster/Matt Friedman) but i certainly warmed to it the more I listened to them, and the chorus has got one of these molodies that you cant get outta your head untill you put summat else on, which again must be a plus!

The B side was probably my least favourate of the 2 tracks, but it's kinda Goldblade-esque punk with a hint of Rock n Roll still didnt have me reaching for the off button.

Great production and tight musicainship wins out again and proves sometimes just because it's punk it doesnt mean you can just approach it with a slap dash manner



Arthritic Foot Soldiers “No Wonder/TV Minds” 7” (Voltage Records)

At the start of 2009 Arthritic Foot Soldiers (AFS) released the “Immature Nobodies” album, having recorded it in, and it being with a sound redolent of, the USA. It had a great feel to it, with some cracking singalong tunes that was suitable for fans of any number of the genres that reside within the punk world these days.

So, with their latest long player, “Trash Vegas”, soon to drop this two track red vinyl promo gives an insight into what can be expected from quite a prolific band if you look at their discography.

“No Wonder” kicks off with a melodic gruff vocal intro followed by some ska guitar that moves easily into the more punked up chorus. The sentiment of the song appears to be about how easy it is to be in a mess when you don’t fit in. I reckon this is still relevant today as someone into a punk lifestyle, although it’s probably a bit easier today as it’s no longer deemed as much of a threat to society in general (which is a bit of a shame). “No Wonder” will get you singing along and humming the chorus after just one listen and that is never a bad thing.

Next up is “TV Minds”, a slightly slower and much longer track, which, quite rightly, highlights how television is such a bit part of the world today, both in terms of being omnipresent throughout society and also being the driving force so much of what people believe and follow. This song took a while to get into my head but after a few plays it’s firmly rooted and tucked away in my mental musical library. 

Once again, the vocal stylings of Munki Boi and the exceptional guitar work of Carl Arnfield are what help make AFS a band to be reckoned with if you like tuneful punk rock. There is obviously a wealth of experience that allows AFS to keep making good records and also to produce music that isn’t dated which comes through in these songs and with the previous album. AFS’s forthcoming album is a release to be eagerly awaited.
Nice one!!



Arthritic Foot Soldiers - Immature Nobodies (Turkey Vulture)

Anything that starts off with a bunch of "Woahs" has to be good, surely. At times this sounds almost Wildhearts-y. Lyrically, it deals with socio-political issues such as racism, religion and war. There's some nice solos thrown in, too. Is it the most original release you are going to hear? god no. but it is fun to listen to?.... DEFINITELY.


Issue Punk Zine No.49

Arthritic Foot Soldiers - Immature Nobodies (Turkey Vulture)

I cant help but love this "geeza punk" - a cross between old-school and the Ramones, it's just great fun to listen to. The songs have a pleasing simplicity to them, very catchy and entertaining, but with an underlying political message. I feel certain that their live shows are pretty raucous affairs, with the stage invaded and the umpteen fans crowded round the mic belting out the lyrics as best they can. This is an album straight from the heart , but via the gut. It's brilliant that stuff like this is still being played and recorded


Woah, this kicks off with a beyond frantic pace, skate punk mixing with some older sounding street punk. Some snotty vocals which you don't normally get over the skate punk stuff. This really is an album of two halves though. The second half slows down pace wise and leans more to the street punk side and the first half is like I said, skate punk. The second half is good but not as much my thing as the first few tracks, they totally kick butt! Some ace riffs and decent use of backing vocals too. Oh and there is a hidden country based track! AFS are definitely a band I'll be keeping an eye on, a strong album and worth a listen!

Mr. T



On red vinyl the Carl Arnfield fetish for VD (vinyl disks you nobs) continues. The whole spectrum awaits the raping sonic todge of Mr A and his coat of many tunes, and so one wonders when the striped one will appear (it's just gotta happen). This latest offering is from his most excellent band, namely AFS, an outfit I have grown with and have always adored. The band are maturing all the time with different textures and layers added as time goes by. This is their latest effort and a little taster from their forthcoming album 'Trash Vegas' - ooh I can't wait!

The initial safety net that is offered in the first few bars of 'No Wonder' has one thinking if AFS are going all retro on us.  No sooner are things assumed then the net is whipped away and a sub-skank sound is tinkled out that has one on the back foot.  Neatly played and against Munki Boi’s gruff and rough sub-stated utterances the mix is quite a contrast.  Between the first two skankoid verses is typical AFS chorus puke with a likeable melody that sticks.  Ad a bit of showman guitar and back around we go.  A very, very nice effort and although the singing and guitar are a fraction short of complete harmony one can't help but applaud the new move in the AFS routine.  No genuine gripes and a formula to stick at and hone at leisure.  A bit of brass is surely an option worth considering too and as long as the band are reaching out the better they will be.
'TV Minds' bounces in with a two boom salute between a reception gone dodgy (repeat).   The first chorus is highly textured and has MB stretching his vocals against the squelched guitar back drop.  The pace is unhurried and very self-assured and this is a real gem in the Acoustic Foot Soldier catalogue and one I have listened to over and over.  A real progression in a sound done many times by this band but in this instance with a more verdant and polished end vibrancy that can be felt through the many layers.  Love the verse, love the chorus, love the song.
So two efforts showing how AFS have grown and what new pastures they are willing to tread in order to keep things challenging and enjoyable for player and punter alike.  If this is a taste of 'Trash Vegas' then bring me the whole album as soon as please.


Arthritic Foot Soldiers “Immature Nobodies” (Turkey Vulture Records)

So, as the name implies, Arthritic Foot Soldiers (AFS) appear to have been battling for the cause of punk rock for quite a while with two of their numbers in the early forties and two more a decade or so younger, so these are no spring chickens.  However, despite the advanced years of the members of the band and the fact that it would be quite easy for them to produce a fairly generic and dull album of punk rock, these old timers have other ideas.


Imagine this – a mix of old school and new school punk, with a hint of heavy rock, a dash of metal, a liberal splash of bubblegum pop with a final touch of polka, and that is what AFS deliver in abundance.  Okay, I might have been adding one too many types of music into that mix but if polka had turned up, needless to say I wouldn’t have been totally surprised.


There is no doubt that this album has benefited from being recorded in the USA as there is a great sound to all of the songs, reminiscent to the EpiFat types of bands – a clean and crisp production that is powerful and ballsy but that holds an integrity that fake punk bands like Good Charlotte could only dream of.  Even well trodden lyrical subjects are given a new life at times although without moving off a punk rock path and with Munki Boi’s vocal style giving it a ‘street punk’ appeal, this adds to why AFS should not be dismissed as just another band.


Don’t think for one minute that this is purely a punk record and as such will only appeal to those of the spikey or no-haired persuasion.  The songs are catchy and varied with plenty of opportunity to singalong, whether you’re in your car, the bath or stood in front of the band at a gig.  What adds to the whole package is the guitar work that can be subtle and intricate to damn right in your face, without ever going over the top – for me it’s the selling point of this album.


Top tunes includes “Chicks and Beer”, “God Fearing Country” and the excellent (99.9%) riff laden instrumental, “Wrong Place Wrong Time”.  As stated above these guys will address issues they feel angry about but you do get the impression that they’re not above a bit of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously.


It is unlikely that AFS will become new standard bearers for punk rock but they do deserve to be heard and given the accessibility of some of the songs on this album there is no reason why some tracks should not get some radio airplay. 


To paraphrase (and mangle) a line from David Mitchell’s excellent book “Cloud Atlas”, AFS are putting up a rearguard action against decrepitude that shows all of us of advanced years that we should not give up do what we enjoy and believe in.  Long may they limp, sorry, I meant live!!

A.F.S - Immature Nobodies
What happens when you give alcohol to a group of punk rockers? Just like UK's A.F.S, gear up at instance and start jamming up new tunes. The outcome is a new album packed with raucous punk rock features and mad crunching leads, driving powerhouse beats and a bunch of lads bursting their throats out.

We thought this may appeal to punk rock worshippers.



Mild Peril (zine) myspace/mildperilzine

I was worried it was going to be some real bad old school punk like the UK Subs and i would have to slate it. anyway i was chuffed to fuck when i put it on, and it wasnt at all. In fact it's a really fucking great album! its very hard to pigeonhole into a specific sound cause at times it's fast and punky and at times its slower and more rockier.

All the way thought though its really melodic and tuneful. some songs remind me of "the dickies" some songs a bit of "snuff" crept in and some songs reminded me of "the wildhearts". I know those bands seem a mile apart from each other, but as i say its REALLY hard to pinpoint, i guess it is all good time rock music.

I checked out their videos to and the guitarist has a guitar made out of a FUCKING skateboard!! Whats all that about.... amazing!

A really excellent album here, im so chuffed they sent it to me!



Fungal Punk

A jingle courtesy of AFS and then to close this lengthy listen a song from the same band. 'Unite' is class from a class band all wearing class underpants that have class written on then in a classy kind of way ha, ha. The sound is immediately recognisable and the delivery, production and simplicity is a brief lesson in excellence.

Steve from Phoenix is a fan and so am I and I hope again that more will join in the appreciation. Deliberate guitar work, gruff yet audible vocals, bending bass and confident drum rhythm AFS combine the lot and close this fine example of underground, underdog punk rock with er class. Why not be lazy with words for once when one will suffice.

    Punk All Forms


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AFS release "immature nobodies"proves to be more of a mature release in sound and plays with a more alternative hard rock sound and new school punk sound then the supposed old school punk sound they have been supposedly going for on most songs,

There are 4 songs in particular that focus mostly on the old school punk sound "unite","la la land","god fearing country" and "wdwtfww".of course every punk should listen to "wdwtfww" (we do what the fuck we want) since it seems to be a punk anthem and what the punk attitude is about.if you've got a taste for some good alternative punk then the arthritic foot soldiers and their album "immature nobodies"is the album for you to pick up.cheers!,

Best songs-"chicks,beer,fame and money" and "god fearing country",most old school sounding- "la la land"

Punk Rock Beth


A.F.S - IMMATURE NOBODIES (Turkey-Vulture records)

The first thing that hits you on this ten track album, from the guys that bought us the excellent Gnarly Dude compilations, is the fantastic production. They travelled to America to record this, but the trip was well worth it as it sounds really polished, but without losing it’s punk edge. The guitars really cut through the mix and the vocals are very clear. The vocals, provided by Jonny Maveriq (who some of you will know from his punk poetry set at a recent TNS gig) are really distinctive and a highlight of the recording. Lyrically the band is quite politically motivated, with songs such as ‘The Futility of War’ and ‘Invasion’.

Musically it’s somewhere between skate punk and a more old-school punk sound, but there’s also a bit of a Brit-Rock edge to some of the guitar parts and harmonies. Attitude in particular had me thinking of 3 Colours Red or the Wildhearts. My personal favourite track was ‘WDWTFWW’

You can get this through 101distribution.com so check it out.


AFS are a bunch of 30s and 40s playing music that they probably shouldnt be. But who cares? It's all good fun, influenced by bands like Leatherface and Snuff, and no doubt pennywise and Bad Religion, "Immature Nobodies" is an album of melodic skatepunk.

Although as a whole it's pretty American sounding, the vocals are distinctly English and gravely, which gives it a nice spin compaired to the usual generic tripe. The catchy chorus of "Chicks and Beer" is probably the hightlight, but having listened to the album a couple of times, other tracks like "Attitude" and La La Land" have grown on me, a good album all the same.


The punk rock genre was started with morals, values, and respect for the individuals within’ it and the fans embraced it with open arms, most of them needing a place to call home and feel welcome, and thus a scene was born. The music was crass, often rude, and always took a stance on what they believed in. Along the way something changed and the scene lost a lot of its core giving away to things like Warped Tour and mainstream/radio friendly punk rock. Don’t get me wrong, that is not necessarily a bad thing, but you do have to dig around nowadays to find “true” punk rock and when you do you will find AFS. With their latest album Immature Nobodies, they seem to be on a mission to take back the scene single handedly. This full on guitar assault begins with “Unite,” a song that allows you to quickly see what this band is all about as they instantly have you singing along with the “whooo ohhh’s” and the fist-pumping chorus. The vocals are rough around the edges a bit, but this is the punk rock scene remember, where that is completely acceptable. As you dig into the album the guitars continue blazing you through the foot-stomping, sing-a-long anthems like “Chicks and Beer,” “Wrong Place Wrong Time,” and “God Fearing Country.” This isn’t a band or an album that is going to sacrifice anything musically or lyrically. They say what they mean and mean what they say. This is a completely honest record full of the true punk rock spirit. AFS has seemed to dig into the past and put the best pieces together of the late 70’s/early 80’s era of punk rock and combined it all on this album.



The new full-length from skaterockers ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS and it continues in their style of straightforward punk rock that blends UK / US style with raw, gravely vocals and a lot of melody. This is a classic English punk rock sound that developed in the late ‘80’s / early ‘90’s that can be heard in bands like SNUFF, GOOBER PATROL and of course the band that influenced the whole sound LEATHERFACE. This is the record that really cements the AFS sound and this is their most melodic record too, but not in a weak or watered-down way because they still have all the vigour and bite they always had, I’d just say they’ve truly found their groove and identity on here and know exactly how to compose an AFS cut…they just get better with every release.

Turkey Vulture Records




3. AFS, brings it back up to speed with a very slick “Unite”, taken from a US import album if the interweb is to be believed. Flash twats!


The North UK Punk Vol.2

AFS are another band that produce the goods in a 'live' setting and for me are also bang on the mark on CD.  I love this band and the shit they turn out.  This track 'Unite' has all that is good about the band - mean guitars, solid drums, quality bass and those highly distinguishable vocals from Munki Boi. 


alcohol-fueled punk rock wares are abundant on this amazing-sounding production. Recommended


This is the newest release from UK based band Arthritic Foot Soldiers and my first time listening to this band. I must say this is band is very cool and they play some of the best punk I have heard in years. This band has a very old school approach to their punk and follow along the same style of punk pioneers Bad Religion and punk legends The Exploited. For the most part this album kicks ass with some great songs that will get stuck in your brain. The only downside to this album is that it could of used about 3 or 4 more tracks to really complete the album but other than that there is nothing else I would change about this great punk album. Overall I would say that anyone who just wants an album they can pop in and have fun with should definitly pick up this one! I give this album a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation


I fuckin' knew punk rock was going down the basin and here is evidence enough.  4 punkers forever stuck in the bowl of festering skateology destined to play their quirky tunes to those 4 wheeled farts riddled with bone-bending arthritis.  Ok perhaps not but this verbal shite does get the review underway.  Here we have the prolific AFS knocking out yet ANOTHER fine tune with a bold underline on the generic mode of pop punk.  This one sticks and it sticks big and after one listen you'll find yourself singing this chorus without even knowing it.  

Clear gravelled vocals, funkily popped guiter, steady bass and easy as you go drums the song is one of the bands best and shows another aspect of the foot soldiers armoury.  The questions are - 1.  Did you know Rasputin plays bass, 2.  Can you find a more wanker hat than the one Munki Boi (vocals) is wearing, 3.  Will Rob the drummer ever look as though things are difficult and 4.  Will that cunt on guitar eventually shake his head free from his body (he tries hard here)?  Puzzling hey but that's not a complaint.  Good vid, good song, good band and fuckin' great guitar - check it out dudes!


June Issue 09

"Chicks & Beer" video single,

Check out the latest video from UK MAS [www.middle-age-shred.com] affiliated punk rockers AFS (that's Arthritic Foot Soldiers, in case you were wondering) for their song 'Chicks and Beer'. The video was filmed on location in the Simparch bowl at Blackpool’s Ramp City skatepark in the UK, Carl Arnfield, on his homemade 'skatar', which was built by Carl and Big Woody, with flow from the dudes at Buffalo Longboards in the UK back in 2004.

AFS have just recorded their 3rd album "Immature Nobodies" in the USA for Turkey Vulture Records, & ‘chick’s & beer’ is the first single off the album.
AFS showcase their tongue in cheek good time punk rock & skateboarding roots in one package.

Definitely a recommended listen for skaters with an addiction for old school punk. Check the new video & the band at www.afs.me.uk/


punter review

Well where do i start with this lot!

For a bunch of nobodies from a back water in Chorley Lancashire UK (google it) this is one hell of a shock to see a US recorded album on my desk... WTF!

Anyway, i checked up on this AFS lot on myspace, seems they have been doing what they please for a while now, they dont seem to care what people think of them either, smart move guys.

Opening track "Unite"... wow, what happened, did this lot grow up?

I can see why this is a US release only, very different to the UK sound they normaly produce.

2, "Chick and Beer"... pop punk with bollox!

3, "Attitude", this lot are piss off!, great track

4, "Invation"... tell it like it is boys :)

5, "Wrong Place Wrong Time", didnt expect this, wow this lot can play, thats never come over in the UK recordings...i guess thats down the producer Jason Z

6, "The Futility of War", what you trying to say boys?,... just whats on your mind, but agreed war proves nothing!

7, "La La Land", well, this kinda shows a different side to the band, just guitar and vocals, strip away the full band and still this lot can hit the mark with a clever use of harmonies

8, "God Fearing Country", this could be any country that lets there God rule there direction into war, strong stuff indeed

9, "Running", an anti gang song in guessing from the lyrics, but has a resolve if you listen.

10, "WDWTFWW", ill not explain that tittle, nice one guys, had me smiling once i worked it out, great track, a single if my ears can be trusted

The hidden track... ill not say a word about that

From what i have gleamed from the myspace, the band have shown more of what they can do, i hope they bring that back to the UK and do a UK album that has this attitude.

Come on guys ... prove me right, show us what you can really do if you just play your nads off!

Emperors New Clothes (www.myspace.com/emperorsnewclotheszine)

band www.afs.me.uk


punter review

AFS - "Immature Nobodies"

Reviewer:  Punk Punter  (Manchester UK)  See all my reviews

A fair session of artistic feisty songs here as the Arthritic Foot Soldiers attract further scrutiny with this recording from Americas fervent shores. This is a step up in quality for a band seeped in talent with an ability to produce songs that adhere to the memory with satisfying ease. So far the road on CD has been all uphill and the trend continues here and I believe if this doesn't gain the outfit some overdue critical acclaim then the scene really is awash with tone deaf goons. Melody plays a big part in the AFS wardrobe and they ceratinly don't hold back on it despite maintaining the rawness and grittiness to the overall sound.

There are many highs on this little beauty with 'Chicks, Beer, Fame and Money' a delicious slice of upbeat pop, 'Attitude' a [...] moment of straight talking anger, 'Invasion' a cultured tone of disillusionment and 'La La Land' an exciting new solo snippet from musical maniac, Guitarist Carl Arnfield.

No nasties here as AFS pull out all the stops to reinforce my initial thoughts of an excellent band. America should lap this up and I hope us Brit Punks will do the same. No doubt this crew will still keep the two fingers flying high to the clique-ology of the scene and if this costs them gigs and praise so be it - the scenes loss as per usual.


punter review

Punk overcomes arthritis, March 24, 2009
This latest cd release from Arthritic Foot Soldiers, "Immature Nobodies" is a tasty package of well crafted songs that rocks hard from the first note. Catchy, clever riffs combine with interesting lyrics to make a powerful combination.

But for their preoccupation with the "F" word, this cd would probably be played by hard rock and alternative radio stations alike here in this country. Perhaps the ballsy instrumental will slip through to the airwaves? One can only hope!




The Lancashire punks have lots of friends in high places… and it turns out in America…

AFS have worked with metal/grind punk purveyors Turkey Vulture Records for the last few years having appeared on the US Labels “Harder The Better” Compilations. This year (2008) they decide to take the relationship further and release a couple of their own albums on the label: first a repackaged version of their 2007 album “Delirium Tremors”, followed by a brand new US album. Unashamedly penned for the US market and recorded in the States, this is a bit more melodic than their usual stuff and will upset a few of there fans (OMD im looking at you) but don’t worry it’s still punk and still catchy and no doubt will convert a whole new audience






Three chords, a brew (beer), and the truth seems to be the mantra for A.F.S., a UK outfit whose alcohol-fueled punk rock wares are abundant on this amazing-sounding production. Showcasing an authentic punk rock scowl and bratty sneer and stocked with pint-raising numbers like *Unite* and *Attitude*, this hardened outfits mission statement and delivery are dead-on for anyone that likes their punk rock raw, simple, and above all, honest. Produced by Jason Z. This production puts A.F.S. on the map with their raw yet powerful sound.




AFS - Just Another Punk Band?

I like to think that I have a broad taste in music. Certainly I don't conform to any one particular genre or style having the simple attitude that - If I like it, I'll buy it. Although I will admit that there is the odd genre that I struggle to really get into and Punk is one of them. I don't know quite what it is that I struggle with. Sure, there are songs I enjoy, namely some classic Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks. And there in lies my problem really. Those were 70's bands but just like any other music form, Punk never died. It didn't go away. People just stopped talking about it in the same way.

My point? I guess naivety on my part. I have caught the odd song here and there by accident and never really thought much of it, although it would seem that these days the arena is split into 2 factions. The hardcore and the faithful. Which brings me neatly to these guys.

Arthritic Foot Soldier or simply 'AFS'. A group that have been on the local circuit for sometime and by all accounts have built up a solid fan base. And why have I singled them out for my little blog, especially as I have already admitted not being particular fond of Punk? Look, let's get one thing straight, shall we? For me, it really doesn't matter what type of music you choose to play. If you can't write a decent tune then I don't have time for you. Whether your an R&B act or an underground Thrash Metal group. No tune, no go.

Punk is no different and AFS seem to have come under fire recently with regards their 'loyalties' to the Punk sound. Having recently returned from a stint in the US where they recorded their latest album Immature Nobodies some factions are accusing them of softening their sound and betraying Punk's hardcore roots. Believe me, AFS cannot be accused of this. Their only crime is being able to string together a decent tune, well crafted hooks and lyrics with bite and meaning.

I can only really comment on my own personal feelings towards this album and I will admit I don't know enough about the modern Punk scene to offer any constructed and critical commentary. But I will say this. I know what I like. And if something grabs me by the balls and shakes me up a little the minute I press 'play' then I'm all for that. The boys have got my attention more than enough to keep me interested and some digging around their archives seem like the next logical step for me. I wanna hear more!

So, if you like your Punk hard but melodic. Loud but tuneful. Deep but meaningful, I suggest you give these guys a blast. Further details on the group are below.

AFS are

Munki Boi - Lead singer
Bret - Bass & Backing Vocals
Rob - Drums
CJ - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Immature Nobodies out now on Turkey Vulture Records available from Tower or Target or Cduniverse
Buy AFS records direct at www.target.com
For full Discography, News and Tour dates visit the official website click here





A.F.S – Immature Nobodies CD (Turkey Vulture)

Strange little record this…Strange in a good way though. It’s probably the poppiest slab of punk rock that I’ve heard in a while, but poppy in the sense that (a)you can sing along with the tunes, and (b) if Mainstream Radio pulled it’s head out of it’s arse and gave it’s listeners what they wanted instead of raking in the coin from the Major Label pluggers, the AFS would be play-listed with the A-Grade material. It’s odd in that it sounds like The Business meets The Monkees meets Pop Will Eat Itself meets AC/DC, which on paper looks totally insane, but on CD sounds bloody great. Trust me, if you like your punk with tunes, you’re gonna love AFS…Tim Mass Movement





I hate AFS!  They are the biggest bunch of wasters I could ever think of.  Their attitude stinks, they can't play a note and they all smell of brontosaurus poo.  And, worst of all they keep releasing records that I personally think are great and can't help but gush over when writing a review.  This makes me look a right bottom licking 'erbert who is after kipping with a couple of the members for no other reason than deviant desires.  Well I am straight, I don't fancy any of the band and I am going to rubbish them as best I can with the forthcoming assessment.  Well forget the last one because...the darn tinkers have produced their best stuff to date and asked yours truly to do the analysing duties.  The swines, the dirty rotten swines - ooooh how I hate them for this.  Calm down Fungal, calm down.  Deep breaths, pen to paper - and here we go...
This shit album...ooops sorry - this fine album kicks off with a song called 'Unite'.  An incisive thrust merges into light melody that AFS are renowned for with that slight tetchy edginess they so craftily intertwine within the weave of the song thus coming up with a harmonious output that is both readily identifiable and punk as fuck.  It hurts to say this but it is a glorious start.  Next 'Chicks, Beer, Fame and Money'  which is in essence a pop song at its cheesy, simplistic  best but with a mean driven bass, cute drums, sinewy guitar and the ever present gravelled vocals it is a lot more.  Pick it up, play, enjoy - no worries at all. Best song of the CD - fantastic!
'Attitude' shows AFS have clout and when they do backlash they do it hard and with spite.  The taloned opening guitar sequence scratches deep and makes way for both a musical and verbal hammering.  No nonsense, straight to the point on all fronts.  Public Health Warning - AFS don't fuck about!
Ok so you record your first album in the U.S., what do you do?  Play it safe or compose a song that questions the war mongering politics of the government?  Come on now this is AFS we are talking about!  Another great song that does indeed pose awkward questions but is delivered with a resigned bewilderment and almost melancholic disillusionment.  It is a beauty and only this outfit could combine the opposing sound and lyrics and get away with it - cute! An insane hybrid next that combines the tunes from 70's detective TV acid trips and a Gerry Anderson Marionation theme.  Add in a bit of  Micheal Bentines Potty Time and you get the gist.  'Wrong Time, Wrong Place' is a yodelling sabre dance that is punked up by 4 tampering noodles that have opted to experiment.  Who cares anyway - this is a solid instrumental piss-about and does the job nicely - take time out, cross your eyes and shindig.

On to 'The Futility Of War' that again adopts an opening bass groove which raises the curtain for basic drums and stylised guitar before Munki growls his usual wordage in that now familiar fashion.  Regulated and typical of the band - can't complain really.  'La La Land' - enter Carl Arnfield - bald, punking skater potater (spud) who is here, there and everywhere be it by plane, train or....erm, skateboard.  This is a new task undertaken by the workaholic music maker after the options closed around him and he was somewhat cornered into carrying out vocal duties.  Behind the mike, in the midst of a somewhat lonesome guitar that makes this sub-acoustic effort a real ear opener the annoying sod comes up smelling of roses.  This was a test of Carls vocal range that in the past has occasionally been found wanting but here he has somehow pulled it off.  A lovely song that has passion and emotive inflection that deals with the spending frenzy people suffer from when loaded up with cash and facing a wonderland of gambling. 'God Fearing Country' seems back to basics as AFS knock out the song with aplomb.  Straightforward foot soldier shit that stinks as good as ever.  It's a trick used several times but hey when it's this good why not?  This may be the weakest and plainest song on the CD but it is still quality which says quite a lot.

Chop, chop and 'Running' cuts to the quick with another obvious surge that has the Arthritic signature running all the way through it. It cruise, spasms and easily picks up the rhythm again before slipping into easy mode with a style oozing class. We finish with the popped and punked 'WDWTFWW (We Do What The Fuck We Want)! Great chorus that disagrees nicely with the stubborn verse and sets up a song to please the most ardent punk pig. An hidden track awaits the patient but what it is and the style it is delivered in will stay secret until you buy your own copy. Get them cowboy boots on though and practice ya spittin' boy - yeeee ahhhhhh!

So there you have it - the old Arthritic Foot Soldiers have me beat again. My critical hand was waiting to pounce and pulverise this bunch of 4 wheeled fuckers for any slip up in quality but alas the poison remains unused. Well perhaps I may not have been so vicious but a bit of an error would have given me the option to use some words I haven't used for AFS before - turd, toss, tit-arse for example. Anyway if you like AFS you will adore this and if you are undecided then this will change your mind and you will be a convert. This is a gem and is an early contender for album of the year - at this stage I can't really praise it more than that!


Arthritic Foot Soldiers / The Bullet Kings – Prime Cuts E.P. 7” (Voltage)

A nice split EP on blue vinyl, at 33 1/3 rpm as well means we get three tracks per band. AFS take the “thin” side with some decent punk, skate in thought, maybe not quite as good as the stuff on Immature Nobodies also reviewed in this issue to be honest, but still pretty darn good shit. I wasn’t expecting them to chuck a mandolin in the middle of a song (at least it might be a mandolin)! The “phat” side goes to The Bullet Kings and having reviewed a fuckload of their stuff already this issue I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. And yep it’s street punk and bloody enjoyable stuff. It’s well worth getting hold of this vinyl!

Mr. T


Ill Fated Riot

punk rock and skateboards...as usual a good offering from these guys who know how to write a tune.A short numba at 1 min 46 sec,good riffage good changes,great fusion of sound in last 20 secs,overall a good tune from the prime cuts bluey."awesome"..i havent yet decided which is my favorite...more reviws to follow. keep up the good work guys....denz,n,ill fated riot u.


5 AFS - For Your Glory . Yeah more protest songs… mmm this isn’t what I expected at all, really gruff vocals, with smooth harmonies, more crafted than a lot of punk, it drives along with a truck load of intent. Nice whar whar solo as well, can’t beat a bit of whar whar, from there my space seems a US album is out… that’s a bit rock and roll!

For Your Glory - Northwest Punk UK

One of my other favourite bands of the moment are AFS, which as mentioned earlier features balding warlock and compiler Carl Arnfield on guitar.  Well, having spun this over and over again I am of the belief that this is one of the Foot Soldiers worst tracks to date and leaves me a little deflated to say the least.  I am sure many others will disagree and despite it proving the band to have diversity it never really grabs my attention and comes across as a song waiting to burst.  'For Your Glory' sounds anthemic but isn't, at least not to my fussy ears. 



Delirium Tremors (USA Release)


I have followed AFS from near enough day one and have been taken aback by the amount of quality product these guys hit the market with. In equal measure I am totally dumbfounded by the amount of ignorance as regards the band in general and the quality ditties they so easily dish forth. This is a tidy outfit who have a plethora of classic tracks to their name yet still struggle to maintain a foothold in this more than precarious scene. Their anti-clique stance is admirable and the fact they tow no lines puts them straight into the fungal fave list. If their first album was a pre-pubescent outburst both musically and lyrically it was still crammed with delightful short, sharp punchy tracks which I thought made it a classic. Even though many quarters overlook AFS the ones in the know thoroughly appreciate what they do and readily chomp at the bit for more. A few E.P's and splits singles plus a mini album have displayed progress with an inkling for diversity and now we have the second full length album - a choice moment for fans. This time the balls are around the ankles and covered in a forest of fuzz with other general growth in all the important areas. So here is a review from a fan who expects - lets see what I got.

The first aural fuckin' comes via the Sub-esque punkishness of 'Wouldn't Wanna Be You' . It immediately captures the attention and neatly follows on from prior recordings. It says says so much and most importantly states AFS haven't forgot what they do best. Great opening and all initial worries of a progressive slip are banished and it's straight into the bustle of 'City Will Burn Tonight', the first advanced approach of the CD. Munki Bois' snarl still bites and the exhibitionist guitar work of Carl is well delivered (flash bastard ha, ha). The bass rumbles constantly and the drums, as expected, rattle in time with aplomb.

'Trouble With Bullets' highlights how AFS add emotive ambience to both vocals and instruments and this ditty is a casual flowing joy with a light heady melody to savour. Maintaining this melody and adding anger in equal balance is no mean feat but this lot do it so fascinatingly well. As an extra note to this songs dissection and knowing Carl so well and all his grunmpy stubborn ways I actually call this (and sing along to) - The Trouble With Baldies' - works bloody well too. He is a good lad though and I wouldn't change the fucker one bit despite the fact he gets on my tits now and again. If the whole scene had his determination, drive and focus and may it be said, selfless attitude towards helping others we'd be doing a whole lot better. He's still a bugger though!

'One By One' sustains the high level with musical nourishment and the straight talking lyrical content is only to be expected and the rant of 'politics is bullshit' encapsulates a large amount of this bands ethos. 'Duped' adopts the punchy theme again and yeah, it's really easy listening material to pick up, play, pogo to and please.

'Fight For Freedom' is brilliantly executed and a nice port of call to admire this band and their ability to build songs. This song is pursued by the extremely basic 'Don't Fit' which is a song any band could produce but couldn't execute as clinically. It resides here perfectly after its predecessor and it displays an unashamedly confident approach towards the belief that songs both simple and intrinsically more complicated can be equally effective and complimentary.

'Dysfunctional' is a semi-acoustic clip that is a pure cracker. It just gets better with each listen and again emotional delivery is the key as this unsettled, questioning rant thrives with disillusioned angst. 'Nobodies' is fuckin' brilliant and one of many personal favourites. The fact that some noodle of a reviewer classified these guys as 'immature european nobodies' proves many things the two most obvious being that the reviewer in question was a cunt and AFS can take criticism, piss on it and throw it back with humour. A lovely snippet and one of those you love for life. 'No Hope' almost is a twin brother of the aforementioned track but is awash with despondency and, paradoxically, the usual Foot Soldiers melody. A choice mix and the more serious 'Code Red' is well timed with its high alert overtones and intense guitar presence. Great chorus alongside an almost over-robotic verse and again, the song works a treat. 'Only Beer Can Save Us Now' is a confusion track which I get consistently muddled with 'Dirty Beer'. One I like one I am indifferent too - this one is the favoured

On we go with 'Architecture Of Life', a classic number and perhaps one of those noteworthy moments in the bands career as this track signified an advance in general outpourings and style when it was released on a previous mini-album. The industrial machine-like opening sequence is superbly executed and the disagreeing lyrical content against this pigeon-holing life and the traditions and procedures found therein is honey to my earholes. Truly excellent!

'Dead Man Walking' is an utter masterpiece and there isn't much more to add. It's high calibre stuff and worthy of anyones attention and is a definite must for the curious punk. 'Happy People' is a misanthropes dream and drips venom and rage thus getting the people hating crews vote. In fact (if you are inclined) whenever your neighbours next have a barbecue you can crank this ditty up to full volume, strip naked and dance in your garden, flipping the V, tugging your tool and thus generally ruining their day. Just a thought!

'Young Guns' breaks age barriers and is a gem that pays homage to the youthful bands who want it. Not the pricks who are just passing time in a scene or those filling a passion fashion but the ones who are stained for life with the punk rock cause. A peach of a song and the fact that these old fuckers kick the arse (in all ways) of many a younger outfit speaks volumes. 'Dirty Beer' closes and is the track I mentioned earlier which I am always unsure about - some days it works and some it doesn't and it is my least fave track on the CD. There a criticism - I knew I'd find one ya twats. Overall though this is a fuckin' corking CD with many cute touches and classic numbers. I love it and guess what? You get 2 bonus 'live' tracks too.

The now nostalgic 'God Squad' and the remarkable 'Guns For Oil' are 2 belters from the ever-growing AFS hit list and the quality of these 'live' efforts is spot on. Inside word has it that the 3rd album may indeed be 'live' and on this evidence I can't wait. Really clear stuff and capturing the bands shows to a tee hopefully a release will be with us real soon and the way this lot churn stuff out I wouldn't be surprised if it's released tomorrow.


Read the AFS/Bullet Kings album reviews and you will get a good idea what this ep is gonna be about.

Six tracks, 3 apiece, of punk rock, seeminly written and played for the fun and the love of it. AFS throw in some solos to mix things up and the bullet kings show their angry side.



AFS deliver 3 tracks of old school punk rock that’s melodic and raw with gruff vocals and mixes the classic early English sound with an American more melodic edge, it’s straightforward and solid and that’s all it needs to be for me! THE BULLET KINGS (who feature Carl from A.F.S.) also deliver 3 cuts but in a more melodic style, still classic punk rock influenced  but with a more power-pop feel to it but still with the gravely vocals which makes it pretty interesting because it’s usually very sung melodic vocals that would accompany this style but this works. Cool split with both bands delivering some good old fashioned punk rock.

Voltage Records



AFS /BULLET KINGS prime cuts e.p.

Two of the Northwest hardest working bands have been in the studio again, this time to team upto release a split EP. which cunningly uses "Fat Side" and "Thin Side" to dodge the awkward question of who gets to be on the "A side" without resorting to the stupid term "double A side" -

Ill be Diplomatic 'n' go alphabetical...

Of AFS 3 tracks, I though "I Spy" was a weak one to open with and two repeative but we are back on form with the other two, "Drinking in Anger" and "Punk Rock & Skateboards" continuing their quest to make the highest number of songs containing skateboard references.

On The Bullet Kings side, kicking off in style with the topical "Gutter Press" (not aimed at Moi i hope) followed by "My Country" both being typical Bullet Kings rowdy anthems. I get the impression the EP deadlinewas looming at this point though as the final track "Fuck You" is a lazy swearathon.


AFS /BULLET KINGS prime cuts e.p. ........
it was refreshing to see an ep on vinyl in 2008,just like you used to get ,more to the point a clear blue yinyl ep...even more to the point a clear blue vinyl ep that had a collection of some great old school punk rock music.

starting with the bullet kings ,[on the fat side]
the first track'gutter press' has a dark sound with gravelly vocals,the 'my country' has an anthem like approach with some great riffs,& 'fuck you' is just full on punk rock...play the fucker loud as is should be enjoyed..quality.

AFS [on the thin side]..kicks in with 'i spy'..a tongue in cheek little ditty that has 'all the right bits ,in all the right places'..as you would expect from this band.
'drinking in anger' made me smirk as this really has a' chuck yer beer over the nearest person' feel to it.. ..,the middle bridge sounds like the levellers being beaten to death with some proper punk rock....fucking nice one..
& the last track' punk rock & skateboards' has a sound that would sound at home at any skate sesh or pub punch up....
all in, i look forward to more e.p'.s like this from two of the uk's premier northern punk outfits....
old school?...you know it makes fucking sense.....
''yes officer,it was the blue vinyl that made me do it.''....


AFS / Bullet Kings Prime cuts EP
Scootering magazine

Oh for the joy of 7 inches of coloured vinyl!

Voltage’s latest collaboration from label-mates AFS and The Bullet Kings arrived in the form of a blue 7” single, though why one side is named the thin side and the other fat (with an old school F) I’ll leave to your imagination…

On to the turntable then, first track, “I-spy” immediately made me want to dance, which for a fat forty something is saying something! It’s a jaunty little number which bounces (or is that me?) along nicely. 2 minutes later they launch into the raucous sing-along that is Drinking in anger” before returning (literally) to their roots for “Punk rock and skateboards”. Munki Boy’s gravely vocals being nicely offset by CJ’s masterful string plucking. The thin side is a raucous cacophony of no-frill, no-fuss, straight to the point 2-minute marvels.

On to the flip, or should that be fat side then for The Bullet Kings’ full frontal onslaught, gone are the days of grass roots bands with a handful of chords to their name. The Bullet Kings are nothing if not skilled musicians who just happen to play Punk rock – this band is tight!

“Gutter press’ ” Sex Pistol’s – esque guitar intro is punctured with a voice maintained by decades of pies and beer. Wilf’s words are spat out in a full frontal onslaught backed up by Carl nimble fingers and Andy’s sticks. I couldn’t decide if “My Country” was a comment on Orwellian paranoia or Nationalistic pride, if I could just infiltrate Wilf’s thick Northern growl! – A mid tempo track that will have you pogo-ing and chanting the chorus. “Fuck you” on the other hand is anything but subtle; Wilf must have something he needs to get off his chest! Its confrontational lyrics are countered by a comedic intro and up-beat guitar riff and thumping drum beat.

I might not have been bopping to the bullet kings but I gave myself whiplash instead…

Runcorn rich,



Fuckin' ell - talk about being dropped in the shit. Two bands I adore and filled with people I consider chums and now a split vinyl to review with everyone involved. That ginger bastard Carl Arnfield has a lot to answer for but during this trial for OMD I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So here it bloody well goes.

Released in Retro blue vinyl there is a comforting embrace of how things were done and how things can still be done irrespective of critiques and followers of modes. As long as the music holds up it is nice to dabble at different presentations and AFS and The Bullet Kings hardly ever fall short of producing the goods music-wise.

So to the first side with AFS offering 3 slices of their pleasing punk rock. As usual the sound is instantaneously recognisable and the adhesive essence is just as prevalent. 'I-Spy' is typical arthritic stuff albeit of the traditional kind. Such are the perils of having an obvious sound. It ain't a bad track though but as a fan I am chomping at the bit for new stuff and track 2 'Drinking In Anger' has many a leaning towards meeting these desires with its combination of Irish twiddlings and the bands gritty vibe. The combination works and perhaps shouldn't but one thing is for sure - an axe is well and truly swung!

The inklings of the elaborate are realised even further with 'Punk Rock And Skateboards' as a maturity is founded that in someways deflowers its own innocence. A tree is now felled and several seeds are sown in new pastures giving rise to expectancy of new fruit and bountiful blooms. Let the waters come and we shall await the new growth.

Flipping over we come across 3 compositions by those beefy baldies (less so in Wilf's case) The Bullet Kings. Now in the past I have had reason to moan and groan about a couple of efforts by these large lads which I found didn't set the chemicals a cruising. In conjunction with these gripes I have also been given excuse to fly the BK flag real high and write glowing praises for many a fine song this lot have battered forth. Here we have more of the same.

'Gutterpress' - what can I say? This is an absolute loser for me and with hand on heart it is one of the bands worst tracks to date. Again I must emphasise this is truly a personal opinion but the song seems to lack any bite whatsoever and just comes across as a bit of filling in the pie. A replication of previous efforts donning a disguise that doesn't make me sit up and think 'What have we here then'. Perhaps it is me (it wouldn't be the first time) but there you go - a weak opening nonetheless.

Now here comes the conundrum. After a song that fails to stir the very depths of my mental knackers to an anthem that not only grinds those said globes to gratifying glory but arouses the intellectual member to a state of incredible inflation. 'My Country' is a masterpiece and I feel is the bands best song to date. Hows that - worst and best in two foul swoops - now that's awkward for you. 'My Country' oozes pride, punk craft and a high standard of genre know-how and really is a remarkable piece of punk rock patriotism. If Cocksparrer would have composed this many a shaven headed 'erbert would have been shitting' himself with biased delight at another homage (in some ways) to this great and glorious land. Bollocks to that - forget influence and wavered opinion - this is the real deal and I hope for the band and the scene that this epic contribution doesn't get mislaid in the creaking vaults of punk rocks overlooked triumphs. Every now and again a band turns out something special - here we have the Bullet Kings moment.

'Fuck You' closes and despite the aggressive title is not as venomous as you may imagine. It's a bouncy old tune and reflects the BK's emphasis on melody rather than all-out rage but now and again this lot combine the two and the fireworks dazzle. Not bad at all though and keeps the flow going for this prolific band.

A fair split which I am sure will be greeted with gushing praise and much appreciation. This fernickity fungal fellar has found a few personal sourballs but at least it's an honest review. Guilty as charged.


Prime Cuts EP (Black Vinyl)
Split 7 inch EP with
The Bullet Kings


Wow a record, some people really know the way to our hearts! It might be time for a mixtape! A.F.S. & the Bullet Kings have sent the 'Prime Cuts EP', yet another selection of songs, this time on one 7" record! It's 33 1/3rpm so we get 3 tracks from them both (i think, although its hard to check whilst the records playing!). The second from A.F.S. spits lyrically about 'drinking in anger' and has a splendid little twiddly bit of unexpected folk (to appeal to a wider range of hardcore drinkers?!) whilst the rest of the side keeps to that raw sound we all know & love! The Bullet kings give us a slightly slower & rockier selection with vox that sound like Matt Freeman from Rancid! The riffs have an old skool quirky feel & it's well gud fun!

More reviews soon!
Jim & Nati ARF





AFS – Happy People (Voltage Records)
Self-professed “middle-aged shredders” show ver kids how to blast it out with some raw, riotous, straight-ahead punk rock. I hope I’m still this angry when I’m their age – not that there’s that long to go in my case! Falling somewhere between Snuff and Chaos UK, AFS get in, rock it hard and get out again, no messing. Good stuff.



AFS – Delirium Tremors (Voltage)
The Arthritic Foot Soldiers (for ‘tis they) have returned for another round of old-school shouty punk with “Delirium Tremors”, their third album proper (I thinks). It’s relatively straightforward, simple-but-effective punk rock, with tight, anthemic tunes – seventeen of them in all – making for a really-rather-good record in yours trulys ‘umble... Munki Boys’ vocal delivery is most reminiscent of that man Dickie from the Subhumans, and the sarky-malarkey lyrical style also brings his work to mind. In combination with the musical attack, somewhere between Snuff and GBH, AFS mark themselves as a pretty decent outfit, and if the likes of “Only Beer Can Save Us Now” don’t get you shouting along, you’re not (p)dr-unk enough. To my mind, I’d have liked to hear a slightly fatter, fuller production, but please remember I am a bit of a fussy get, and I’m sure they’re happy with the record. I still maintain that to really appreciate this kind of thing you need to get leathered and get down the front of one of their gigs; though of course if you pick up the CD first you can enjoy the show even more by roaring along to all the songs. There we go – All Fucking Sorted.



Happy People - Download Single i Tune

Arthritic Foot Soldiers release new single and video!

Self-styled "middle aged shredders" Arthritic Foot Soldiers (AFS), have released a great new single, Happy People, as a download single on iTunes. They've also made a video for it, too, which you can watch here: here.

Which you should, because AFS do a wonderful job of keeping the spirit of punk alive with touches of both sincerety and humour.


“Next comes the unmistakeble sound of AFS with 'Happy People' a catchy punk singalong that will have fans joining in at all their gigs”

'Happy People' by AFS, which will have you singing along after the first play"


AFS with their catchy sing along punk antems




The terse punk puke of AFS is perfectly positioned at this point and 'Only Beer Can Save Us Now' revels in its poetical pose




Good punk rawk here from Carl & Co., this is sure to rawk yer nads off,

Nobodies, Young Guns are the standout tracks, 17 in total.







'Delirium Tremors' is the new album by AFS (Arthritic Foot Soldiers) and as I have heard all their previous material I was expecting another solid CD. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

AFS are always good value and their style of music which is instantly recognisable is displayed very well on this superb album. This 17 track album is crammed with catchy songs that you'll find yourself singing along to. I have enjoyed all AFS's previous releases but this CD has brought them up to another level, the quality is constant throughout the entire CD and the production is better than anything they have released previously.

My personal favourites were 'Trouble With Bullets', 'Duped', 'Fight For Freedom' and 'Dead Man Walking' and in my opinion this is definitely AFS's finest release to date.



The Northwest punks return with their 3rd release in as many years and thankfully it's business as usual, 17 no-nonsense punk rock tracks, plus a bonus track- there take on 'lord of the dance' Most of the tracks here will be familiar to anyone whos seen the band live recently and a handful appeared on last years 'Only Beer'EP, stand out tracks for me are the opener 'wouldnt want to be you', the call to arms 'fight for freedom' and the bullet kings co-writted 'happy people'



Now this is gonna be a hard one to do for a few reasons the main one being I’ve also got Carls’ other band to review at the same time!! For the uninitiated A.F.S are a band made up of middle aged skaters pissed off at the apathy they see around them, but seeing as they still have a decent sense of humour this isn’t just old blokes whinging, far from it. What this band do really well is play short catchy as hell punk songs with a touch of pop sensibilty and this cd doesn’t disappoint in giving you that. If you like thought provoking songs, where you have no problem understanding the words with tunes you can tap your foot to this is the one for you, even better go see ‘em live they may even make you want to get off your arse and dance. For more details go to http://www.afs.me.uk/
4 out of 5
Review by Paul




This is the second full-length from these UK old school skate punks whose sound is a blend of early UK punk aka UK SUBS with the later sound of LEATHERFACE and a more contemporary American twist thrown in too. As you can expect from A.F.S. they are confrontational and political but still maintaining super-strong melody in their delivery. It’s aggressive but melodic and that’s a great balance with some sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek interpretations and if you want to hear a band that truly does whatever the fuck they want, then A.F.S. are all about that – these guys have always done things entirely their own way and aren’t about to stop for anyone. A great follow up to ‘Tales Of A Drunken Generation’ with some real gems in here – ‘Trouble With Bullets’, ‘Duped’, ‘Dysfunctional’ and ‘Young Guns’ but it’s all good and a real fun while packing a tough and intelligent punch.

Voltage Records



...the abrupt bluntness of AFS and their misanthropic 'Happy People'



Third CD album from Lancashire old-skool punks. Once again irreverent, political, tongue-in-cheek social comment



I just wish I had a fucking tardis to throw AFS back where they belong. I mean that in the nicest possible way but listening to their new musical outing 'DELIRIUM TREMORS' I can't help but get tearful and nostalgic for those halcyon days (and nights) of 1977.

Thundering and relentless , witty and confrontational. If I carry on listening to this in the car I am in danger of creating some bizarre road rage incident....shouting 'NOBODIES' out the window is bound to get someone in trouble and pogo-ing whilst seated has made an embarrassing dent in the roof.....must remember to open the sun roof next time I play 'CITY WILL BURN TONIGHT'.

My favourites are 'DYSFUNCTIONAL' and 'DEAD MAN WALKING' which show the bands progression and obvious ability to depart from what could end up a repetitive formula. I love the classic 70's thrash anthems but AFS have had the sense to break it up with something else which makes the album more credible.....I would imagine on stage it gives the neo-geriatric band members a chance to catch their breath.....'Fucking 'ell guys I need a breather...Carl ...play your guitar solo !!!'...

Munki Boi's lyrics are exactly what I imagine it says on the tin...Angst and Rude...scathing and extremely humerous....Cant help but notice the contrast of the 'older' generation punk now shouting insults not just at Politicians and the establishment but at chavdom and youth. Come to think of it Mr Boi doesn't seem to like anyone....i suggest a love song.....er ...maybe not...

Anyway ...what the fuck do I know....I enjoyed it and I suggest you get a copy and do the same......

Oh...and if you do find the tardis AFS...please take me with you....at 11p a pint we would all have the fuckin' DT's !!!



Old School punk, it's gritty and hardnosed and bites sharper and faster than a pit bull with rabies.

For fans of: Sex Pistols, GBH, Rancid



Issue 84

Only Beer Can Save Us Now

Chucklesome Old Skool Punx
3 Stars

Well the band name and album title must surely be enough to tell you that we are now in punk rock comedy territory, but don't dismiss AFS too lightly. Only Beer Can Save Us Now is a brief affair (only four live tracks and five studio jobs) but they're enough to reveal a band with intelligence lurking beneath the humour and no mean musical skills. Oh and if you can be bothered to wait around four minutes at the end, theres a 'hidden track' 'Buffalo Soldier' Boy do i hate it when bands do that.

Shaun Baldwin


The best and most memorable tracks AFS


'AFS' contribute some really good stuff to a excellent CD



..while the rough punk harmonies traditionally associated with skating are present here (with) AFS



AFS "Only Beer Can Save Us Now!"
Voltage Records & Stranded Records

Arthritic Foot Soldiers - that is AFS - this Punk Rock formation dabble in old school Punk Rock. The disc of "Only Beer Can Save Us Now!" is the collection of concert and studio tracks. Despite, that I am not punker and I never was then in my life I met some Punk Rock bands, so from the beginning of the listening I associated the band with THE SEX PISTOLS and THE EXPLOITED (but probably therefore, that these are almost only foreign Punk Rock bands which I know hahaha…) as well as with Hardcore band - LAWNMOWER DETH. Generally saying, AFS plays energetic, full the quarrelsomeness, irony and imaginativeness Punk Rock which arrangements are characterize the simple riffs joint with the dynamic melody, typical for old school playing. The music groundwork are create by the speedy guitar riffs and the rhythmical section with the shouting tunefully vocal as well as the backing singers. The climate of the tracks is very degage and even outright funny. The whole is dynamic and melodious... and enjoyable…


AFS, who’s offering of ‘Wouldn’t Want To Be You’, is a blessed melodic interlude but yet still retains a flavour that gobs in the mouth of acceptance and smacks of non-conformity


...followed by catchy punk from AFS



(Voltage Records)
Turn this up loud, grab a drink and get ready to sing along because "Only Beer Can Save Us Now!" One has got to appreciate the straight up punk rock formula, you don't need to sing like an angel, you just need a few riffs, the punk attitude and you're set. AFS keep it simple and raw on this release. The first 4 songs are live versions with the remaining 5 songs are studio recorded numbers, 'Don't Fit" has a very infections chorus line that will have you rocking out with your beer raised above your head. Make sure you catch these guys at a pub near you. Perfect music to drink to.



You will find the likes of AFS



...the consistantly good AFS




Three chords, a brew, and the truth seems to be the mantra for this UK outfit whose alcohol-fueled punk rock wares are abundant on this half-live, half-studio nine track affair. Showcasing an authentic punk rock scowl and bratty sneer and stocked with pint-raising numbers like “Nobodies” and “Anarchy in Argos”, this hardened outfit’s mission statement and delivery are dead-on for anyone that likes their punk rock raw, simple, and above all, honest. www.voltagerecords.com -Mike SOS

5 out of 5




2 Albums from the skating geriatrix who are probably NEARLY as old as me.

Both on Voltage / Stranded Records. Favourable reviews in other zines were

spot on. This is good old raucous UK hard working sing along punk street

band that need your attention. If you need choose get the studio album with 16

tracks of stompin noise.






AFS, Britains best contibutors and rattle off 'No Hope'


Sept 06 / Issue 18

...anyway this has cool trax by the likes of AFS....




July 2006 issue

Other highlights include UK bands AFS and The Skeptics.



Lancashires’ oldest kids on the block are back again with a new c.d. this time a 9 track affair with 4 live tracks and 5 new studio gems. I’m sure it’s only been a couple of months since they’re last outing so the lads must have been pretty busy and considering Carl the guitarist is in 2 other bands as well this is all the more impressive, don’t you have a telly!!!! Anyway the band charge through the title track, then into ‘No Hope’- a song dedicated to a friend who decided to become a smackhead!, ‘Anorexic Princess of Pop’- one of my favourites from the last c.d. and ‘Anarchy In Argos’ another great song about how lame the punk scene can be. Then we come to the new stuff first up ‘Nobodies’ catchy as a catchy thing but very short. Next is ‘Massacre of the Innocent’ an anti war anthem, ‘Don’t Fit’ is another short very catchy song closely followed by ‘Architecture of Life’ which slows things down but is still under a minute and half long. Last track is ‘Justice For None’ which has a pop the farce which was the Michael Jackson trial-well said lads. There’s a hidden track on here but i’m not gonna tell you what it is but most of you will have heard it before but not done like it is on here. A.F.S. have a great knack of writing short witty catchy songs and it’s a shame there isn’t more bands like this around at the moment, when you find out there all pushing 40 makes you realise the kids have got some catching up to do. Go to www.strandedrecords-scotland.co.uk or www.voltagerecords.com for more details.
5 out of 5
Review by Paul


A truly cute and wonderful release here, contains live and studio stuff in the same kinda streetpunk vein as always, ive been a fan since i first heard em


Nothing Set In Stone
Punk Comp CD

'Nothing Set in Stone' is one of the best various artists compilations i've been sent since starting punk4life. The first offering i've had from Thunk Records and if this is going to be their usual standard they won't go far wrong. With 25 songs all by different artists and quite a few from overseas (Denmark, Italy, USA, Norway and Holland) this is what I like as it gives me a chance to hear some bands I haven't heard before. There is something on here for everybody so it's definitely worth buying. Too many punks only follow well known bands and in my opinion that ain't punk at all. This CD is REAL PUNK.
Some of the artists on the CD are The Zero Point, AFS, The Fanny Pads, Section 5, Fire Exit, Churchill, The Skeptix, 200 Bullets, Dead End Boys and The Dirty Toilets. Thumbs up here.


A lot of it sounds very similar and basically it bores the shit out of me. This CD has done nothing to change that. There are some good songs on the CD 'Guns For Oil' by AFS




Catchy punk rock offerings from AFS..., seems a bit out of place here but, for me, provided a bit of light relief.



A compilation of live and studio tracks. I’m really hard to convince about
live recordings because I’ve heard so many that just blow, but I gotta say
that the live tracks on here are the show-stealers of the CD…I really fuckin
like the ‘liveness’ of this, it just works. The recording has balls and
energy and fucking presence. If yer not familiar with the A.F.S. (Arthritic
Foot Soldiers) sound, they mix antagonism, humor and politics with a hefty
dose of old-school skate. A blend of English and American heavy punk rock.
This is a cool follow up to ‘Tales Of A Drunken Generation’ and I’m just so
impressed with the live stuff...cool cover art again too and further
evidence that kids don’t know shit….older punk rockers are all about it.
Voltage Records





"Young Guns v Old Dogs" / AFS / Crouch Mog / PROMO ONLY

A split salt and pepper CD here with punk covered from two contrasting styles that come together to compliment each other perfectly. Crouch Mog provide the modern day technical American vibes with several ditty's that display their all round versatility and musical prowess. Fast, complex and with a classy composure the Mogs contributions are equal to anything around of this style and surely must make some kind of significant breakthrough very soon. 'Buddha' is the highlight of a quality contribution.

Kings of old style anthems AFS have once again come up trumps with their archetypical sound that is simple, instantly catchy and to the point. It is the no-nonsense approach, great catchy guitar riffs and recognisable vocal outpourings that make AFS a step above most bands of this musical mode and once again this lot must reap the rewards of a so far almost faultless CD chronology. 'Wouldn't Wanna Be You' is the highlight here as it embraces the whole AFS sound with a retro feel hard to surpass.

In truth for a split release this is surely a winner with both bands currently producing recordings and performances of a high standard. A veritable minor classic that any self respecting punk should buy.



AFS-ONLY BEER CAN SAVE US NOW(CD-VOLTAGE RECORDS XLNT CD-7) I got four records from AFS(Arthritic foot soldiers) but three of them were compilations and this was the only own record, four livesongs and five studiotracks is what they give us here. An English group which plays punkrock in this way can´t we not like because their attitude and their way to play punkrock is really nice. You think about old streetpunkgroups but also 77-punk in some way but in a modern way. AFS is a group for the future I can imagine and they sounds as they´re a group you should see live …do that if you get the chance.



Arthritic Foot Soldiers (AFS) - Only Beer Can Save Us Now
Their name is Arthritic Foot Soldiers. They have an album called Tales Of A Drunken Generation and a new EP entitled Only Beer Can Save Us Now. They have songs with titles like Anarchy In Argos, Massacre Of The Innocent and Guns For Oil. On their MySpace site they proclaim that “everyone who says punk is dead is a cunt.” So it’s pretty clear where these guys are coming from (and going to) – that you’re going to get straight-down-the line, “don’t fuck with me” old skool punk that mixes its politics and its alcohol (the problem and the solution, perhaps?).

What all that doesn’t prepare you for, however, is quite how good their songs actually are. These rambunctious, short, direct, noisy blasts of sound hark back to an era when punk in England actually seemed like it could make a difference. Listening to this EP, it almost feels like it could again. Four live songs, five studio tracks and a superb hidden surprise makes Only Beer Can Save Us Now well worth picking up if punk is your thing. And if anyone tries to tell you that punk is dead, slap this around their face and call them – well, you know what to call them.

Reviewed by: Mischa Pearlman



The "alcoholic" theme is there in the title once again. AFS have something that sets them apart from the rest. This half live/studio outing kicks off a newie "Only Beer Can Save Us Now" . The first of four live offerings, AFS show us that they can indeed cut is live. Things however start getting really interesting with the arrival of the studio songs. These five short dashes of twisted English skate-core are equal of most songs off of the "Drunken Generation" Album. "Nobodies" is scathing and hits it's intended target. "Justice For None" speaks of financial corruption and "The Architecture Of Life" puts one in the mind of The Angelic Upstarts. Plus, just when you think that it is all over, there is a little suprise! (SCS)




A celebrated Chorley punk rock band are returning with a nine track EP, giving a flavour of what there live sound is all about, most of the songs are a heady mixture about Bush and Blair, suicide bombers and drinking beer.

Malcolm Wyatt
April 06



Issue 12

This latest offering from the Lancashire punks feature 5 new studio tracks and 4 recorded live at the Snooty Fox, Wakefield (plus a bonus track which I could tell you about but I think you should go & buy it instead)

The Arthritic Foot Soldiers prove once again to be the kings of brevity with songs that rarely reach 90 seconds mark yet say more than most bands back catalogue.

The new songs are as catchy as on "Tales of a Drunken Generation" and continue to take a wry, humorous look at life and the live tracks sound pretty good too, If fast paced classic punk is your bag add this to your collection




March 06

....the album capture's the energy well, if you get chance to see afs live -GO
you'll be sticking your fingers up at society for month's after.... oooo hidden track ...nice one

...Only beer can save us now.... how true, I am rocking it right now!!!

....Buffalo Soldier kills!!!!!!!!!

...."dont fit, dont fit, dont give a shit" ... luv it, its been stuck in my head for the last two days.

...Dunno if the songs are in chronological order but they seem to get better as they go along ... ten songs and only one im not to keen on, cant be bad ... honest punk rock, 'nuff said.

.....great stuff....proper music to fight to, Hidden track was good, hate the original but this one is a real cracker.

.....My favourite punk bands from the 70’s were irreverent, spontaneous, unpolished and very loud. Later however most of these bands either disappeared, or, as their musicianship increased and their songs became more sophisticated they lost the spark that makes Punk so exciting.
AFS have started at the other end of the spectrum. Most/all being accomplished musicians they seemed to have dispensed with the need for extra cords, unnecessary overdubs, post production and balanced harmonies and picked up instead on the sheer buzz of thrashing out and poking fun.
You know what you’re going to get with a title such as ‘Only Beer Can Save us Now’. It sort of does what it says on the Tin. The title track itself and ‘Nobodies’ shouts out to be drunkenly sung along with (beer spillingly good).
‘No Hope’ and ‘Anorexic Princess of Pop’ seem to come from two extremes. The first from what could be a slight social conscience and anger at the misuse of drugs and the latter poking fun at an eating disorder (albeit self inflicted)

The LP is plastered with swearing (as all punk is) although it probably doesn’t incite the shock it did in ‘76. My opinion is that sometimes you just can’t get your point across without using the odd swear word and anyone that disagrees can just FUCK OFF.
Next time your watching a really good Skate video try turning the volume down on the Sad psuedo punk boy band shit they play and instead put ‘Don’t Fit’ on at full tilt (bazzin !!!).

The hidden track had me in stitches .A mix of buffalo solider and the Banana Splits , it’s one of my favourites. If you don’t like any of the tracks they have been cleverly designed to be very short and there’s not a long wait until the next one.

My only criticism would be that the live tracks seem to be have been played to an audience of 2 people and I think a little bit more commitment from the crowd would have sounded better even if it was just the faint sound of spitting.
The cover artwork and printing are spectacular .I actually made me miss the old Vinyl LP Album covers even more (Ahhh!!… Gatefold !!!). And what better way to smooth away those tired wrinkles and crows feet….paint the band in cartoon !!! Priceless !!!.

Cutting all the crap..Did I like it ??…too Fucking right I did !!!..it will now be my media of choice whilst under the Affluence of Inchohol !!..BEWARE……AFS are ready to take over the World……..

However the Revolution may have to wait till Closing time.




March 06

And YET MORE punk rock quality from the prolific musical minds of AFS. This 9 track offering is a quintessential piece of seemingly spontaneous quality and blends a pleasing mixture of live and studio performances.

The first 4 tracks are indeed live and reflect the bands ability in the flesh. The talent is simply blatant and yet stripped so close to the bone so as to make it as raw as a freshly peeled testicle. This is a classic reflection of the band on stage and anyone with an inkling of nouse should be pricked into checking this lot out.

The studio recordings are as expected, brilliant. Again the no nonsense approach is adopted with accomplished ease as each track is skilfully delivered. 'Architecture of Life', 'Nobodies' and the hidden bastardised version of 'Buffalo Soldier' are personal faves but in brutal honesty there isn't one lame duck amongst this flock of pristeen swans.

Once again AFS come up trumps with an album that exhibits what a fuckin' good band this lot are. Each and every track of this mini-album is swift and to the point and doesn't waste fuckin' around with unnecessary glamorous riffs and pretentious solo's. This is a must purchase for punk purists and hopefully will go someway to confirming the punk rock hound is still bursting with life! Give this bitch a bone!

FUNGALPUNK/OMD - he may be a piss head but he knows what's punk



March 06

'Only Beer Can Save Us Now' by Lancashire based skateboard punks AFS (Arthritic Foot Soldiers) is another offering by this band who are a favourite of mine. There are 9 tracks of which 4 are live and 5 are studio versions. There is also a hidden track 'Buffalo Soldier' after the last track on the CD.
The 4 live tracks are 'Only Beer Can Save Us Now' and 'No Hope' (new songs) and 'Anorexic Princess Of Pop' and 'Anarchy In Argos' (From 'Tales Of A Drunken Generation' Album.) The live stuff is great and shows what a good live band they are. The studio tracks are 'Nobodies', 'Massacre Of The Innocent','Don't Fit', 'Justice For None' and for me the best track off the CD 'Architecture Of Life'. I thought this was a great CD with AFS's usual catchy songs. They are getting quite prolific with good new songs appearing regularly. Keep it up guys.



Skate South Texas (US Skaters Site)

Youve got to have killer music to skate and live by and we have GR8 bands just lurking for your entertainment here in Corpus Christi Texas. Arthritic Foot Soldiers ( AFS ) , multi talented group from across the pond in the U K.... ......



Arthritic Foot Soldiers - Tales Of A Drunken Generation
Elsewhere on these virtual pages is a review of the new EP by Arthritc Foot Soldiers. This is its predecessor – more of the same raucous, energetic punk, except that this came first, so it isn’t really more. Nonetheless, these are 16 songs by a band who actually believe that punk matters, but who also aren’t afraid to take the piss out of the whole concept. As such you get political anthems (Guns For Oil, Burn The Flag), tongue in cheek tunes (Anorexic Princess Of Pop, Tales Of A Drunken Generation) and songs that are a mixture of the two (Anarchy In Argos, Shopping List). Of the 16 songs present, only six are over two minutes long, so you certainly don’t need a long attention span to enjoy it. All you need is a sense of humour, an ear for some brain-churning melodies and an appreciation of why punk happen in the first place. Then you’ll know just what makes these guys so good.

Reviewed by: Mischa Pearlman

Nov 05 edition included "Guns for Oil" on cover CD



Issue 10

A.F.S (ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS) - Tales Of A Drunken Generation (Voltage/Stranded Records)

When I contacted AFS following their recent gig at the Cellar Bar about an interview guitarist Carl (CJ) asked if he could send me a CD for review - he actually sent 7!

"Tales Of A Drunken Generation" is exactly that - a social commentry on everything from the seroius "Guns For Oil" and Minimum Wage" to the lighthearted, but worryingtrendo of "Anorexic Princess of Pop" & Anarchy in Argos". But instead of the soapbox AFS use the skateboard & punk rock as their weapons of choice to in not change the world then at least get things off thier chest & into the moshpit.



A.F.S (ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS) - Tales Of A Drunken Generation (Voltage/Stranded Records)

Debut album from this bunch of nearly 40 something old skool skaters who have only been together for about a year, and it’s fucking brilliant. No nonsense straight forward punk rock full of political ranting but the tongue very firmly in cheek. Not seen the band live yet but hope to catch them soon, as if this c.d. is anything to go by they won’t disappoint. Favourite song for me is ‘Minimum Wage’ complete with lyrics about spitting in the burgers and pissing in your bosses tea whilst earning fuck all money. GET THIS ALBUM NOW!!! Go to www.strandedrecords-scotland.co.uk or www.voltagerecords.com or www.afs.me.uk for more details
5 out of 5
Review by Paul



The debut full-length from the ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS: Old skool skaters playing old skool punk rock, that’s it…no bullshit, just straight-forward, old-fashioned skatepunk. The sound is a blend of American and English punk rock/hardcore but I’ve always found skatepunk bands to never really have a sound that you can totally categorize, it’s always been the most boundless and uninhibited style of punk rock where the bands seem to take whatever direction they want and AFS are no exception to that: they’re heavy, fun,
melodic, fast, uncouth, political, energetic and perceptive. This doesn’t really sound like any other skatepunk band but then they all sound so dissimilar which is the whole point of the genre…the emphasis is definitely on fun here and that’s a welcome thing…when did things get so damn serious?

Voltage Records / Stranded Records
www.voltagerecords.com / www.strandedrecords-scotland.co.uk



Arthritic Foot Soldiers - Tales of Drunken Generation
Fuck, fuck, fuck, I just reviewed this and wrote one of my longest reviews ever!, put it on the site, then accidently overwrote it, arrrghhhhhhhhhh!

Anyway! We first reviewed AFS back in September, when they had just been together 7 weeks and released their first four track EP. And we loved it! Here they are back again with a full length, full on, great recording, nicely packaged, 16 track, 12 new ones and 4 thankfully carried over (re-recorded and given a bit of umpf!), from that first EP 'Texas Idiot', cause they were gems!

As for the music AFS play straight up, late 70's, early 80's UK punk, with a little dash of oi. Munki Boi's vocals are just great, fuckin really great, raw and gruff, but melodic and totally understandable, great music from the other three lads, and great backing vocals, total fuckin UK punk, real pub punk. Working class, no bells, no whistles, just punk. You'll be singing along after hearing each chorus once.

Lyrically they range from humorous to intelligent and political.

'Anorexic Orincess of Pop', pick your pop icon, and its about her!
"Starve yourself, Starve yourself, Starve yourself to death."

'Teaxs Idiot', don't need to tell you who this is about!
"Somewhere in Texas, an theres avillage without its idiot"

'God Squad' one of my favs, musically and lyrically, about Jehovah's Witnesses! (JW's once came to my office and handed me their Watch Tower mag, looked me over and said, we know you wont be interested but maybe one of your work mates might be! hahaha)
"God Squad knocking on my door, You aint coming in" If only that was playing when they came!!

'Guns for Oil', an anti war song
"Guns for Oil, Oil for Guns, Sent to Slaughter, Your Nations Sons"

'Anarchy In Argos', hahaha!
"Anarchy In Argos and no one really cares"

All the tracks really stand out, but the penultimate one 'Year of the Barricades', a protest song, interspersed with actual radio/tv samples from a protest really sticks out to me, slightly differnet to the rest.

And the last one aptly called 'Last One' (longest of the CD too, by far!)finishes the CD of nicely with a great melodic song, "We're all off down the pub, to see the UK Subs".

If you like UK punk then checking AFS is a must, if you listen to MTV punk, then pick this up and maybe learn a thing or two!

I'll have an interview up soon with them, they ain't young! so I'm interested to know their backgrounds in the punk scene, bands they've been in etc., cause they are one great punk band. Better finish off and transfer this to the mp3 player, this one will get alot of listens!

As ebayers would say, Recommended A++++++++++++++++++!




This album is sixteen tracks of straight ahead short punk rock tunes.
The songs are rough sounding with an old school gruff singer (who can still hold a melody) but they have some quite fun three-minute blasts such as the title track and 'Burn The Flag'. However, many of the songs have some cringe worthy lyrics, such as on 'Punk Song', 'AFS (Anthem)'and 'Anarchy In Argos' and their tunes lack power and catchiness. They do have more melody and hooks than most old school crusty punk types but this is far from a great album and they're probably better in a live setting.

Ian Chaddock



This is the first full length album by AFS (Arthritic Foot Soldiers) and it is certainly good value with 16 tracks (£6.99). Another band who have played for punk4life Promotions AFS are definitely progressing in the right way. They sing about topics that matter to them politically but they certainly aren't lacking in the humour department. 'Anorexic Princess Of Pop', 'Hammer To The Head'', 'God Squad', 'Guns For Oil', and 'Year Of The Barricades' are all good songs but the best off what is a very good, well produced album were in my opinion 'Minimum Wage' and the best track of the lot a well chosen title track 'Tales Of A Drunken Generation'. These guys have the capacity to make inroads in a punk scene that is saturated at the moment. If you haven't heard of AFS they are a band who are certainly worth checking out.


Direct Buy Link



Occasionally a CD comes along that you can't stop playing. For some inane reason various ditty's stick in your brain like velcro in your pubes and no matter what - you can't shake it out. In 'Tales of a Drunken Generation' we have such a CD. Punk Rock sing-a-long classics delivered without pretence and pomposity that any Herbert can relate to. This 77 style 16 track classic smacks of spirit and honesty and for the true punk connoisseur this is a must buy.

'Anarchy in Argos' 'AFS anthem' and 'Guns for Oil' stand out but for me the whole album is of an excellent standard and is a true reflection of the bands live performances. For me the comedic 'God Squad' and 'Minimum Wage' are the albums zeniths that encapsulate the tongue in cheek approach the band adopt so well. Making a statement and being funny is a difficult combination but AFS do it with such admirable ease that they really do stand out. With this being the only official release the future looks rosier than a freshly whacked buttock and anyone looking for a good night out needs to check this lot as soon as possible.

This is music for the man on the street and can transcend punk rocks sometimes limited boundaries and perhaps capture a wider audience and get back some of that true punk spirit. I for one hope so.


OMD - if it was shit I'd say so - but its not so there (25 July 05).



We have some more punk rock from the very northern sounding 4 piece Arthritic Foot Soldiers, and even though I'm not massively keen on some of the vocals, they grow on me as it goes along.

This basically covers all the usual themes of true old school punk, drink, sex, rock and roll, anarchy, DIY, gigs, everyday life. I'm not a huge fan of the 80's style 4 chord worship generally unless it has something that little bit special about it like Dead Kennedys and Bad Brains, but Arthritic Foot Soldiers (who have there own theme song don't you know) do their thing very well. Tight enough to work, raw enough to lose nothing of the intent and fun enough to have a jump about to.

Punkers not looking for something too political but still quite ballsy give this a listen.



Well played street punk here, Monki Boi's vocals remind me of "On File" and "Superyob" no bad thing there and fuck me 16 songs here for yer listening pleasure, they would be at my housewarmin and trax like "Anarchy in Argos", "Live to Skate", "God Squad", "Texas Idiot", "Guns for Oil", would annoy the neighbours and have everyone up on the dancefloor,


AFS put a comedy spin on world events with "Texas Idiot"





'Conform Or Die'
(xlntcd-5) CD August 2005

‘Texas Idiot’ by Arthritic Foot Soldiers sounds pretty good put alongside some of the more shitty bands on this comp.





‘Tales Of A Drunken Generation’
(xlntcd-4) CD August 2005
These fuckers remind me of Chorley’s answer to Hotwired but without the Norwich twang or youthful inexperience. Personally I can’t see what all the hype is about? Or understand how certain fanzines, record labels and people supposedly in the know, could be so duped by such a 3rd rate outfit? Times must be really hard in punk if this kinda crap is deemed humorous or intelligent enough to spore an album release. Has the option of releasing records these days become so fuckin’ easy that punk labels will lap up inferior product such as this, in the name of punk rock? In case your intrrested these phonies have been together about a year and already have a CD-EP and numerous tracks out on compilations through knowing the right people. So how can that happen without any real talent or without some Machiavellian character working behind the scenes? Either Stranded records standards are dropping to an all time low, or the Chorley horde have supplied Larry with a years supply of the North West’s most gruesome hookers!? Whatever the case, these jammy black rod hillbilly’s display a rather shifty ability to band wagon jump into a punk gene pool, but without any real material they‘re destined to sink fast without a trace. 'Hammer To The Head' indeed. Also any band who can’t think up a name for themselves has gotta be dubious. I could think of one but the painfully dense name they chose is worse than 3 Cornered Rug. At least 3CR have the ability to create a bit of a noise along the way. AFS sound really, tired, jaded and boring for a band just 12 months old. They seem quite happy to trot out really lethargic ditties that could do with another 6 months rehearsal or should that read physiotherapy. They come staggering out your speakers with about as much pace as Charlie Harpers pogo regime. Old punks trying to recapture their youth makes for an embarrassing spectacle 9 times outta 10. And these fat cats run outta lives a long time before they hit a real studio. Shitty slouchy arrangements that are as one dimensional as the bands credentials leave this album with an unfinished veneer. And that god awful vocal that gives us as much spice in life as a rag and bone man after your scrap, only makes matters worse. The fiend in question goes by the name Munky boi and upon closer inspection has one of those dosser vocals that you can hear outside any homeless hostel in the UK begging for a smoke or some spare change. And alongside with Big issue sellers, the novelty soon wears off pretty quick, as his timing and lyrics are so sloppy it almost beggars belief. Punk played by part-time punks and churned out without any real integrity is a sad act to witness. ‘Anarchy In Argos’ indeed, which is a great title, but stumbles along with a disappointing skanky attempt at variation alongside an unadventurous lyric. ‘Guns For Oil’ was about the only highlight of this 16 tracker with its rousing chorus, but stood alone in the sea of apathy that made up the other 15 tracks. ‘Minimum Wage’ was another intresting song topic that could’ve promised so much more than the bad mockery of ‘Dirty Old Town’ it turned into. This album sounds unrehearsed, which can be a good trait in punk, given energy and suss, but when its churned out in such an unimaginative way it turns into a farce. And that almost folky slant in the backing vocals makes me very suspicious of this bands past. When punk was supposed to be the example of ‘doing it yerself’ does that really mean we have to endure hundreds of inferior masqueraders such as these jokers, who seem determined to take a liberty at our audio expense. They might find it fun and a bit of a giggle down the local, but I don’t think its funny these cunts have the opportunity to represent British punk today in a world wide market. In facts it’s fuckin’ embarrassing. So who do you blame when the doors have been left wide open for cowboys of this calibre to plug in and pretend to be punk. If there’s a market for this crud, then more fool the suckers who are willing to buy this crap coz they deserve each other. Especially when you’ve got superior punk outfits like Sad Society or Antibodies who wouldve stormed the castle given half of this bands breaks. ‘Skate To Live’ ha!, that’s the biggest joke of all, coz these Gnarly Dudes have about as much energy as a state pension queue down the local post office. Their last track boasted the immortal words… “Our ideas have all but gone” but anyone sucker enough to listen to this album will soon realise their ideas never actually arrived! Middle aged punk for the easily pleased.

Rating - PLASTIC
Stranded Records / Voltage Records



Although I always say you shouldnt judge a bands demo on sound quality in the past AFS recordings have taken away from their sound. Thats is why it's great to hear these songs, taken from their forthcoming album, "Tales os a Drunken Generation"as they are much more polished in terms of sound and recording. These songs also show a progression in the bands song writting with better structures. Thankfully they don't loose that raw edge that make so appealing. It's just good honest old school punk rock and it's refreshing to listen to.,

The amusingly tittled opening track "Anarchy in Argos", which comes in at less than a minute long is great with a slight ska feel to the guitars in the verse and a good gang vocal in the chorus.

"Guns for Oil" is typical of the bands political content and is a pretty catchy track with more decent gang vocals and a pretty good breackdown. In fact it's the gang vocals that have benifited most from the better quality recordings. The third track, "Year of the Barricades", is again fast paced with an old school influence.

After hearing these tracks i look forward to hearing the album and especially to seeing them live.



The opening 2 tracks set a high standard with Semi Komoly (Hungary) providing an excellent musical intro that gradually whips up into a frenzied verbal attack which sounds surprisingly americanised. AFS (England) change the tempo with a superb offering from the equally sensational album 'Tales of a Drunken Generation'. The track in question 'Texas Idiot' oozes that elusive British punk rock spirit of yesteryear but contains a musical ability from the modern day.


Issue 10

AFS appear with their Bush - send-up "Texas Idiot"


Arthritic Foot Soldiers Texas Idiot EP / carnfield@yahoo.co.uk / www.afs.me.uk

This is some good old fashioned UK punk rock! It is rebellious and both politically and religiously insensitive brashness that makes me want to pogo and flipthe finger. Anthems like Texas Idiot and God $quad are going to be stuck in my head and influencing my agnostic anarchism for time to come. We only get four songs here. I was less inspired by the last song $kate To Live. Me, I got other things to live for. It might be more of your thing if the
man is on your ass for riding your board. Even if you don¹t skate, the other
three songs rule!



They formed and wrote and recorded four songs in a few weeks - How bloody punk rock can you get! All things considered, this is a good effort. The vocals tend to hold them back a bit, but this band has potential and the vocals will get better with time.Watch thgis space, we could well have a half decent band with some killer tracks on their hands in a little while. 10 out of 10 for the simple reason that they did it


Their name of this band seems very familiar to me, im quite postive ive seen their name in print somewhere before! I werent sure what to expect of these either, they've got a song on here call "Skate to Live" , I thought to myself, oh dear, a skate/punk/pop band with a singer thats gonna sound American. How boring, and unoriginal. But I was very shocked and more than suprised with this 4 tracker, it's fucking ace, their sound has a very obnoxoius sneering tone, and the tracks a worth mentioning too "Texas Idiot", " God Squad" (ace track, superb stuff) and "Anorexic Princess oif Pop" have some great lyrics/words about them. the only trouble is folks, its that this is too bloody short, I hope that these are planning on doing a full length album pretty soon coz im gonna be getting withdrawal symptoms here


Hillbilly rock came out of my stereo and I couldn’t stop myself getting transfixed.

AFS, abbreviated from Arthritic Foot Soldiers, give us full on, very honest, amusing short tracks. The very energetic music is backed up with lyrics that have you hitting the repeat button to clarify what they said. And this band have a lot to say.

Track one finishes with the singer hocking up a logee and spitting it for all to hear.

‘God Squad’ includes a great piss take of ‘Amazing Grace.’ “I once was found but now I’m lost. Could see but now I’m blind”. The Cockney sounding singer likes to say it as it is - “Shut your face and don’t come round to my house no more!”

This band sound like they would be brilliant and riotous live.

“Anorexic Princess Of Pop” is a 1 min 15 second song with a message to the little eaters of the world “We know you find eating hard. Should have munched on a block of lard....Starve yourself, starve yourself, starve yourself to death. Skinny Bitch.”

I was near pissing my pants after listening to this CD for a few times. Good comedy value. They reminded me of a cross between Ian Dury And The Blockheads and Metallica. I think I would even go out of my way to see this band and would have to take some witnesses with me.

Review by Kamey Jade

Rating :: 4/5




" Texas Idiot "
( Garden Gate Recordz )

- AFS are very political and social orientired, and a title of their EP, speak enough clear to whom is main message send.
Even that "Texas Idiot" lasted little more than 7 minutes, it's a clear that band followed their ideas to the right place.They
sounded very similiar to the acts coming from the late 70's, and their basic threathenings of productional work, also lead
to the mentioned direction. As they said, forthcoming full-length should be pressed in June this year...

Rating : 7 / 10


This four track EP/demo from Arthritic Foot Soldiers was recorded just seven weeks after the band formed. In case you hadn’t guessed from this fast turnover, the music is not the most complex in the world, but then early 80’s style punk never is. Raw sung/shouted vocals could come straight from 1980, under which punky guitar hooks and similarly catchy bass are the order of the day. Straight forward drumming finishes the sound, which is about as polished as’ well, sandpaper. Tongue in cheek lyrics aimed at GWB (‘Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot’), Jehovah’s witnesses, pop stars and skating prove entertaining. Simple, memorable stuff, recorded in a bedroom, this is true old-school punk from a bunch of guys that were into the music first time round. Texas Idiot is only worth checking out for punk purists - as it is pure punk - and likely to find little favour elsewhere.

Reviewer: By Russell Garwood


June 05 - Issue 17

Dispite the appalling name - something to do with skatingI believe - this wasnt as bad as i'd feared. This is preety much your bog standard first demo punk rock. The singer sounds like early Blitz and they incorporated the Eastfield guitar squeal for extra oddiity value! A strange mixture of songs taking in Bush, god squad, skating and anorexia. The latter , "Anorexic Princess of Pop" is actually pretty funny. Not too bad at all




April 05 (issue 11)

....AFS play some desent old school punk (Skate to Live)



April 05 (issue 11)

AFS are skate punks in that they actually, But sound wise a band who definitely have huge leanings towards a first and perhaps a early 80's punk sound. I'm always slightly dubious when UK bands sing anti Bush Lyrics. That's just me personally, but it did me slightly wary. Also the recording of this isn't particularly great meaning that you need a few listens to get into this band. The band are recording a new album in the near future, which should remedy that. it's more the mix that is a problem really. the vocals are just way to high and you lose the impact of the guitars, which is a shame because, what is on offer here is pretty damn good and I'll certainly be interested in getting hold of that album. I personally wouldn't have chosen Texas Idiot as the title track as for me it was probably my least favourite song. In fact the third and fourth tracks were definitely my favourites so for me this had a bit of a false beginning. I really like the distinctive Sex Pistols-esque vocal and raw guitars, which I imagine sound superb live. These qualities are displayed quite well by both Anorexic Princess of Pop (which for me was the most memorable) and Skate to Live, which offers the best guitar riffs. These songs to me sound more passionate than the opener. To be fair though it's all decent, but the later two songs are definitely stronger. The other thing that I liked about this band is there tongue in cheek lyrical style, which reminds me of Manchester punks 3CR.

When I listen to this CD I can tell that there is more to this band than this recording shows, but it's a decent showcase of some enjoyable songs and it's certainly done enough to ensure ill be checking out the album. I also imagine that these would excel in the live environment so id like to check them out at a show. They are worth a listen if you are into your old school punk.



March 05

AFS - Arthritic Foot Soldiers, I know these guys well, we reviewed their CD "Texas Idiot". They play early 80's UK punk. And they've an album in the works.


Apparently this was recorded just 7 weeks after they formed, that's pretty cool in my book. These guys are a bunch of the 'old guard' i guess you could call them, and the band name came from something Sidewalk Surfer called middle-age-shred.com (a site they're involved with), all this stuff has warmed me to the band, it's nice to see a bunch of guys doing it just for fun and without much more goals than to have a laugh than most of the fucking crap that seems to be passing for punk or whatever these days.
Musically, it's pretty basic straight up 4/4 punk rock, with tried and tested lyrics on all the usual subjects (the track listing is 'Texas Idiot', 'God Squad' etc), nothing to set the world on fire, but there's something there that's stopping me from throwing this away after playing it for sure!



March 05

" The band is about having fun, not comforming to what a bunch of late 30 somethings should be and generally sticking two fingers up at society in general." That is a quote from the site of A.F.S. If that doesn't already tell you enough, then okay, I will force myself to bash them for your pleasure. Two tracks, "Texas Idiot" and "God Squad", are obviously aimed at President George W. Bush and American conservatism. Yet another work of anti-Americanism from European nobodies, only this time they happen to be a few 30-something who think they're still in high school, as evidenced by the other two tracks "Anorexic Princess of Pop" and "Skate to Live". It's great to know these guys aren't (as they put it)"comforming." I like the very anarcho punk bands that these guys are influenced by, but these songs are just pathetic. I wrote better songs when I was just as immature (I was 14). Long live credulous naiveté! If you enjoyed this review, visit .
-Norberto Gomez, Jr.


..issue 11 Nov04

Wonder who they mean eh ? King Geogi the 2nd get s bit of a roastingere so fuckem, very chunky melodie with an oi feel makes this unusual but very good, god suad is quitelike SUPERYOB and ON FILE in places, those 2 are the pick of the 4 on offer here.


Nov 04

New band a DIY release, Bush / Jehovahs and fashion all get a drubbing, These skater gits get a thumbs up.


OCT 04

Arthritic Foot Soldiers

"Texas Idiot” CD-R EP Demo (Garden Gate Recordz)

Seven weeks after forming the band, they laid down this 4 song CD-EP. These guys are from England and have a pretty heavy accent so I can't make out most of the words but I know "Texas Idiot" is about "somewhere in Texas" and I'm pretty sure it's about our beloved president because his ugly mugs adorns the cover of the CD. "God Squad" is about people who knock on your door and bring the Watchtower. I guess we all know who they are. These songs fit in very nicely in a '78-'82 timeframe. A little bit '70's punk mixed with a little bit of Oi! I'm not sure who "Anorexic Princess of Pop" is about but they're singing about "starve yourself to death". It could apply to any of favorite female popsters. Their introductory letter says they are into skating so it's not a surprise to hear "Skate to Live, Live to Skate". This demo shows promise and is something I wouldn't mind throwing a few dollars down for when they record a full length.


OCT 04

...At times AFS sound sound like The Clash at their most shambolic, The Delightful God Squad is on account of Jons distinctive vocal is more Ronnie Biggs with the Sex Pistols, a short but succinct CD

by Malcolm Wyatt


Sept 04

'Texas Idiot E.P.' is the first thing I have heard by AFS and I must admit that I really liked their CD. The first track 'Texas Idiot' is quite a catchy tune, which starts the E.P. off well. 'God Squad' the second track is about what we all hate, those bible bashing bastards the salvation army. My favourite track is track 3 'Anorexic Princess Of Pop' it's another good sing along with more good lyrics and great music. The last track on the E.P. 'Skate To Live' might make you think that these guys are just another bunch of skateboard punks. I can assure you that these guys play punk not the skateboard vatiety. The Growling vocals of Munki Boi really make this a great CD.


Texasaurus Records TX USA, SEPT 04

AFS, ......skate punk for 2004



Arthritic Foot Soldiers - Texas Idiot

This is a VERY new band, having formed and recorded these 4 tracks in just 7 weeks! Having read that in their bio, i thought, here we go, some thrown together rubbish. I couldn't have been more wrong!!

This is top quality early 80's UK punk with a dash of oi, played by a bunch of guys, most of whom grew up in the 80's!

First and title track - "Texas Idiot" - should be fairly obvious unless you've been living in cave, yes its about the biggest idiot and biggest threat to this planet - George fuckin Bush. "Somewhere in Texas theres a village without its idiot"

Up next is my fav of the CD - "God Squad" - about Jehovah's Witnesses coming to your door, great (hilarious) lyrics and great punk song, Munki Boi's (who we reviewed a while back as Slamaster Jon compilation called Gnarly Dude) voice is just great - "God squad knocking on my door, you ain't coming in", i can see myself singing that for the next few days on the bus!

"Anorexic Princess of Pop", another great one for its lyrics (once again hilarious!) and music, "Starve yourself, Starve yourself, Starve yourself to death".

Last up is what the guys love to do "Skate to Live" - "Feel the rush of the concrete wave".

This ain't no kids, all the guys are in their 30's [some of them well into the 30's! ;) ]

A blast back to the early 80's of the UK's finest punk, and if this is what the guys can put together in 7 weeks, I can't wait to hear the album they have coming out in 2005.....

Band Website: www.afs.me.uk
Label: Garden Gate Recordz
Date Added: 20.9.2004

Reviewed by: Shay Murphy





Arthritic Foot Soldiers - Texas Idiot

Got to admit, not as huger punk listener as many out there but did find myslef laughing along to some of the lyric's, and realised my foot was tapping and my head was nodding rapidly in time with the music.

A sort of Macc Lads of the skateboard world sprang to my mind but with less references to beer and homosexuality.

Very punchy, fast and well put together and would be quality music for angry driving or a right good bowl session.

I tried Punk many years ago and got into it in a small way and if I was looking to re-introduce myself to it today, then this would be on my wants list for it's punchy, fast sound and it's quality lyrics.

Do more, do many more, I'm pretty sure this will be in the CD player in my car before long.

Ayd Mundy



Right i might have to have another pic on the slam page ,due to pogoing round the room so hard i nearly done meself a mischief!

OI!! blimey it's 1977 all over again ! this has been on constantly in my car since discovering this quaint band of misfits !!

GOD SQUAD - made me grin so much ,killer song ,TEXAS IDIOT- full on ,jump around like a twat mode! - yeah dude!

ANOREXIC PRINCES OF POP- interesting subject for a song , high score on the oi! clapometer!!!

SKATE TO LIVE - very suicidal tendancies ! a sure winner played at any skate jam -ave it !

all in all punk as it should be, ram it in yer ears at MAX VOLUME !!!
a top cd at a top price [75p ], nice one boyz, shredders check it out !!

MARKS OUT OF= 10 .......A BIG NOISY IN YA FACE= 11 !!!




Written by Alex

Saturday, 18 September 2004
When it comes to political punk, especially these days, you have a task on your hands. The Hate Bush bandwagon is full of stale, throwaway bands all trying to deliver the same message in the same obvious and ill-informed style. Even the likes of NOFX have fallen prey to the perils of rash self-indulgence when taking a step into the political arena. So one might imagine why a frown appeared on my face when I first saw the front cover of Arthritic Foot Soldiers' debut ep and saw Bush's head above some cross-bones, pirate flag style, with the words "Texas Idiot" underneath in a military font slightly too reminicent of Anti-Flag. "Here we go again" I thought, preparing myself to be told some more things I already knew, plus a few redundant opinions thrown in for good measure. Was I right? Well thankfully, not entirely. The ep starts badly, with the unimaginative and extremely tedious "Texas Idiot". The song structure is painfully obvious and repetative, and the lyrics...well the lyrics are just as bad. In fact the chorus("somewhere in Texas there's a village without it's idiot")appears to be lifted directly from the back of a NOFX shirt. To be fair, the band have a very tongue-in-cheek attitude, which is certainly a saving grace, as if they were actually taking themselves seriously with material like that I don't think I'd be able to forgive them. The second track,"God Squad", doesn't fair much better, but at least it turns the subject matter away from George Bush, and to my happy surprise the ep doesn't stray back into Bush territory for the remainder of the CD. Third track "Anorexic Princess Of Pop" makes a slight improvement on the two previous tracks. It has a bit more vigour and punch to it, and doesn't drag on like the first half of the ep. The most frustrating thing about this band is that they have a really good drummer, and the guitar and bass are often very interesting and always very tight, but they just don't seem to be able to use this to prevent the tracks from sounding bland. The singer's voice is also interesting, taking on a vocal style simular to Snuff or Consumed but with the loose swagger of Johnny Rotten for good measure. There is potential there for sure, but more ideas are needed, and they could benifit a great deal from a second guitarist. Final track, "Skate To Live", is the best track on the cd, and like Princess Of Pop it's only about a minute long. The short, punchy song style definately makes the most of this band's sound, and works far better than the two long tracks on the first half of the ep. This isn't a terrible effort from these Chorley lads, named after Sidewalk Skate Magazine's description of the middle-age-shred.com skaters (which the band are all a part of), but it's nothing to get too excited about either.




AFS (arthritic foot soldiers) - demo from the band

Got this given to me from Carl who plays guitar in the band, some of you may know him from his other band, Bradford based techno industrialists WORM.

The band are all skaters who are either in their 40’s or are very near to it. They formed the band 8 weeks ago (yes I did type that right EIGHT WEEKS!!!!) and the c.d. I got is the 1st mix of 4 of their tracks. Now seeing they said they were skaters you’d probably be expecting some Busted/ Sum 41 style shite, you’d be very wrong.

This is great sing-a-long punk with some great gruff vocals that remind me of Roi Pearce (well a little bit). Out of the 4 tracks the second ‘God Squad’ is for me the best, a tale of religious door knockers. This is pretty good stuff and I can’t wait to hear the final mix. For more info go to www.afs.me.uk